Sphero Maze Challenge

After enjoying the beginning computers and coding class at the Microsoft store, we ventured to the Apple Store for Kids Hour: Sphero Maze Challenge.

This one was extra special because Daddy got to join us!

It was pretty neat. Each student used an ipad to create a program for their Sphero to follow to get through a maze taped on the floor.

Each block of instructions included heading, speed, and time. So, she had to think about which direction she wanted it to go, how fast it should travel, and how long it should keep moving that way. Those were great things for her to learn to think about and plan the path for her Sphero to move.

The employee did a great job answering questions and then walking through the program with the kids, then set them free to work on it themselves while he checked on them.

Joanna loved working on it with Morgan! Her favorite portion of the maze was the little chunk where she decided her Sphero should go “turtle speed” and set the speed to 2 -it was really slow, but she loved it.

They have more classes coming up that look pretty interesting, I think we’ll be back!

If you’re looking for the same one we went to, it’s on June 23rd here in OKC.



Microwave CAKE!


As she enjoyed her cake tonight Joanna exclaimed “I love microwave cake!”

Yes, we made a bundt cake in the microwave and it turned out great!

Less than 10 minutes, gluten free from a box, with a good texture, you’d never guess it was gluten free or cooked in the microwave.

Somehow I’ve become a Tupperware fan in the last couple of weeks.

The Stack Cooker can be used for lots of things, but so far I’ve only tasted cake made in it. Based on the cake I told Morgan I thought it’d be cool to have one. As I shared my wish list of items with him, he expressed that maybe an easy way to makes cakes isn’t the most healthy option for us right now. And, while that may be true, it was super yummy and convenient!

So, if you’re looking for an easy way to make desert, or brown ground meat, bake casseroles or potatoes, you can shop for your own stack cooker online 🙂




Grilled chicken in our microwave!

I am so excited about this product from Tupperware! I was totally skeptical when introduced to it, I thought there was no way it would actually taste good, that meat cooked in the microwave would be rubbery, and just kind of gross. But, it wasn’t!!!

I’ve had chicken twice now made in it and both times it was yummy! It even fits in our tiny microwave.

So, if you want an amazing new kitchen appliance, or some classic storage containers, or any other cool Tupperware things, check out this link to my online party. We have until Tuesday 6/19 to order 🙂

I can’t believe I forgot to take pictures of the finished product, but here’s one I took when testing to see if it would fit in our microwave.


When I think about the Tupperware things my dad still uses, Morgan’s parents still use, and that I still use from my Grandma’s stuff I am excited to add a few pieces to my kitchen. I have seen that this stuff lasts and if there are any problems quite a few things are covered by warranty, so I feel like it’s a good investment for our house.

You can shop for some too, or even host a party of your own! Check the shop online or let me know if there’s a way I can help you.

Like father, like daughter

Yesterday Morgan noticed that the Microsoft store here in town had a program for 6-8 year olds today. There was still space available to we signed Joanna up and she and I went to the mall this morning.

She started out reading the page of instructions that was on the table as we were waiting for the class to begin. It is so cool that she can pick up a page and understand what it’s telling her to do!

Then she started exploring the Surface Pro that she was going to use, checking out all the parts, pulling off the pen, just finding out all about it.

Once the event began she did a decent job of paying attention to the instructor and was super excited when her code worked. She gave the bird instructions to get to the pig in an Angry Birds game. Her excitement at being able to make it do something was awesome!

I think it was after that that she told me she wants a computer just like the one she was using. (her daddy has expensive taste in computers and gadgets and stuff too)

She told me she wants to work on computers like her daddy and fix bugs.

If you’re here in OKC or Edmond, there are several more programs throughout the summer for a variety of ages. It’s a nice, free, indoor event that we really enjoyed today. You can see the schedule on the store’s site. She’s signed up for one more later this summer when her cousin should be here, I’m hoping he enjoys it as much as she did 🙂

Excited about Tupperware

IMG_20180612_172942916.jpgWe spilled about half a box of this spaghetti earlier this year. The design of the box doesn’t include a way to close it, so we picked it up upside down and spaghetti went all over the floor. So, I’m really excited about my new Tupperware container that will not only keep it fresh, but also keep it from spilling all over the floor!

I purchased this container at a party my friend had recently. There were so many other things in the catalog that I wanted that I decided to go ahead and host a party. Crazy, huh? We have so many toys/books/and other random clutter to handle before Thursday it’s a bit out of control.

The other item I was really intrigued by is their MicroPro Grill. You put food in it in the microwave and it comes out tasting like it was grilled. I was really skeptical, but it was good! I’m looking forward to the fajitas that are on our menu for this Thursday night.

If you’re here in Edmond, feel free to join us Thursday night at 6:30. If you can’t come and are interested in seeing about ordering something, let me know and I’ll get the link for you 🙂

She’s learning!

It is so cool to see how many different things our kiddo is learning.

Today we were reading this book and several things excited her.

First she recognized Jackie Robinson as the first African American professional baseball player. (She even recognized his Dodgers jersey and connected that to us going to see the OKC Dodgers tonight).

Next it was Martin Luther King Jr. She remembered learning about him and unity earlier this year.

Neil Armstrong was famous to her from “Ready Jet Go”. One of the characters in the show talks about him and has a toy of him.

Then she recognized Abraham Lincoln from our talks earlier this year.

So, we have lots to learn, but it’s really cool to see her making connections about these people she’s been hearing about. And, it’s especially neat to see her reading about some of them herself 🙂

It was also pretty interesting to see her notice how the illustrations changed throughout the story. I’m still not sure why some of the tools seem to disappear and reappear. Even with that distraction we enjoyed this book.

Lego Cinderella’s closet

Every princess needs a closet for her dresses, right?

I will admit it was a bit disturbing at first to see a growing pile of Lego princess faces. But, in the end I think this turned out pretty cute.

I love watching our kiddo create things! It’s so cool to see her have an idea and then make it come to life in some neat way.

Our day at the Capitol

Today Joanna and I joined a couple of friends and went to the Capitol. Though I knew it would likely be a bit overwhelming I thought it would be a good experience for both of us. It was.

Since the walkout began I’ve been wondering how to encourage our teachers. While sad about the tension and stress that surrounds the current situation I am thankful that they’re working to make things better for our students. I’m sure there are other things we can do, but for today, going to the Capitol with them and saying thanks was something we could do. I’m glad we did.

We found a friend who’s a music teacher at one of the elementary schools here in town and visited with her awhile. It was so good to be able to hug her and tell her we appreciate her effort. Then as we were about to begin a lap around the building we found another teacher friend. This teacher is one that Joanna looked forward to seeing every day, she loved giving her a hug and saying hello. It was so sweet to see them get to reunite in the crowd.

After our lap around the building we stopped by the stage to listen as some high school students from Edmond shared speeches they’d prepared. These students did a great job! They shared experiences from their years in school, they shared ways teachers had impacted them, and they requested that our legislators find a way to fund education. It was encouraging.

One of the students finished up his talk by chanting “more education, less hesitation”.

Tonight I heard a something from the shower, it was our kindergartner repeating that line over and over. She even added a stomp to it on the “ion” part of each word. When she got out she told me “that’s just stuck in my head, I even added a stomp!”

I don’t think the high school student could have anticipated that not only would his chant get stuck in our heads, but also be used to learn a new vocabulary word! Hesitation was a new one for our girl 🙂

And, while she can tell you that the teachers walked out because they want the best for their students and the schools need more money for that to happen, I don’t think she knows that she was present as history is being made. She witnessed (another new vocabulary word today) a great example of so many things today: the freedom we have to assemble and speak up, teachers standing up for students, calling on our elected officials to do better at the job they asked us to give to them, people from lots of places and backgrounds coming together for a common cause, and so much more. I’m hopeful that this effort of so many will result in positive change and that someday our history books will include the story of today, and my kiddo will read it and know that she saw it happening.

While I don’t begin to claim to have any answers to this situation, I can say that I want good situations for our kids, and having schools with proper equipment and teachers who are properly compensated should not be considered optional.

I’m proud of the teachers who are standing up for our future, and I hope that great changes will come, and come quickly.


Another good book

We just read “Amazing Grace” by Mary Hoffman.

I asked J if she had a favorite character. She said yes, the Grandma because she encouraged her granddaughter.

I love that reason! And, I hope to be that encourager for J and the other children in my life.

May we all help the little ones around us know how amazing they are.

In case you’re wondering about the story… Grace loves stories, she spends her time reading them, listening to them, and acting them out.

Her teacher announced they’ll be doing the play “Peter Pan”and Grace wants to be Peter (along with several other students). Since so many want the same role, they’ll have auditions the next week. Her classmates take turns telling Grace why she can’t be Peter.

When she gets home her mother and grandmother ask why she’s sad, she tells them about what the other kids said. They assure her those kids don’t know what they’re talking about. Grace practices over the weekend and wins the part of Peter. She does a great job in the play, confirming that if she puts her mind to something she can do it.

It’s so cool to see characters overcome adversity and succeed. I love reading these stories with my kiddo. It’s reinforcing for her that others don’t get to tell us what we can it can’t do, and it’s reminding her to build others up instead of tear them down.

Book recommendation: I am Rosa Parks

book cover "I am Rosa Parks"

We’ve been reading lots of books lately, and many of them have been good. But, this one seemed worth writing about.

It’s a bit lengthy, but totally kept our kindergartner’s attention the whole time.

I felt like it did a great job introducing Rosa Parks and some of the issues of her time in a way that was understandable to a child living over 60 years later.

I don’t think our kiddo caught me tearing up as I read, but I did. I can’t believe that so many years later we’re still dealing with racial injustice. That makes me sad and mad all at the same time. And, while I don’t have a solution for all that, I think that continuing to educate myself and my kiddo is a step in the right direction. Seeing her get mad at the characters that are putting Rosa down is encouraging. Knowing that she’s embracing the idea that we’re all deserving of respect and good treatment is a good feeling. I’m excited to see who else we’ll read about as we continue to learn more about our history.

I’m thankful for our library system that had this book available and I’m looking forward to reading others in this series.