Selecting a name

Choosing a name for this blog was TOUGH! I wanted it to be my name, but others have gone before me and that just wasn’t possible. I’m a bit late to this blogging game. Every version of my name that didn’t include numbers was already taken. The bummer is that most of them seem to be pretty inactive, or totally incomplete.

So, I went back through my various online “names” and settled on lstjess. This wasn’t a first (or 2nd, or 3rd) choice because I don’t really love being called jess. But, lstjess was my first ever email address… I created it on an LST project in Panama back in 1999. Lacking creativity then I just put together what I was doing with part of my name and there it was.

For now that was as good as it could get for this new blog of mine 🙂


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