Today is the first day of “summer break” for Joanna. I am already missing school. The last day of Sonshine School was just last Thursday. She only goes twice a week for 5 hours each day. But, I fill those almost 10 hours each week with stuff that is so much easier to do without my 2 year-old helper. I also often get to have lunch with my love. It’s only 3 months and a week of no school, or 26 days, or 130 hours, but man, I’m missing the idea of a break.

I love spending time with my girl! I am so glad we made the decision for me to give up my office job and be the one taking care of her full-time. It’s so cool to see her learning new things, to hear her expanded vocabulary, to get to read together, play together, visit the park together, and to enjoy meals and snacks together. I would not change this situation for anything. Yet, I also love getting a bit of time off. It’s nice to be able to go to a store and take as long or as little time as I like without explaining what’s happening or having to say yes or no to repeated pleas for things. I have also really enjoyed meeting Morgan for lunch many of those days. 

So, I’m lining up fun things for us to do this summer! If it’s free, toddler-friendly, and in the OKC metro area chances are we will give it a try this summer. Our first summer adventure is planned for tomorrow: Bringing Books to Life at the visitors lobby of the Crystal Bridge. It’s a free story time with a nature-themed book and a craft. We love reading and free, so it sounds like a winner! We’ve also made plans to meet a friend at the zoo Thursday morning.

The zoo has “story time safaris” Tuesday mornings in June and July at 9:30 and 10:30. I’m hoping 9:30 is early enough that it’s still cool enough to be outside. If so, and if she enjoys it next week, that may be a weekly event for us. A wonderful thing about having a zoo pass is that we can go for just an hour or so and not feel like it was a waste of an entrance fee. 

Wednesday mornings I’ve signed up for a Bible study at church. It has childcare provided, so for Joanna that will be “play time at the church”. She’s already been asking about the story time we had been doing at the Edmond library, so we may have to delay lunch and nap and swing by that after Bible study some weeks. They took a break in May and she seems to have noticed and missed it.

Thursdays the Edmond library has concerts in June and July. We’ll probably make it to many of those. 

So, if all 3 of those work out we just need a Monday and Friday plan to round out our schedule. I’m thinking museums on Friday may be an answer. We have a pass to the Science Museum and we recently visited the Edmond Historical Society & Museum and enjoyed it. 

While there is a great park we can walk to right here in our neighborhood and many others around town, once it’s much over 75 or 80 I start to feel like I’m melting when standing in the sun. So the trick is to visit early or find other inside things to do in the summer. If you’ve got time to hang out with us this summer, we’d enjoy the company, just let me know.


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