Shopping on Black Friday?

If you’re shopping on Black Friday (or shopping online now), please consider picking up something for the OKC YWCA shelter.  They have a wish list online that you can check out and compare to the ads for the places you’re planning to go.

New full-size bath towels are almost always on their wish list. Currently they are listed as “desperately needed”.  Kohl’s has a great deal on their “The Big One Solid Bath Towel” -they’re just $2.99 each instead of the usual $9.99. They had a similar deal last year and I picked up a few towels for our family. We’ve found them to be a good quality item, and at a great price.  You can purchase them online now through 3 PM CST on Friday or you can pick them up in the store during their black Friday sale.

If you decide to get something to donate, I’d be glad to deliver them for you, just let me know.


Subtitling Success #2

I came back from WordCamp San Francisco inspired to work on some more subtitles.

I selected a video that was about WordCamps/Meetups because the topic was interesting to me, the speakers were easy to understand and the total video was about 13 minutes long. So it seemed like it would be a fun one to hear and wouldn’t take a huge amount of time to complete.

I really enjoyed the information that Jen Mylo and Andrea Middleton shared about these two areas. Though I haven’t ever attended a Meetup (childcare issues prevent it right now), I have been to 3 WordCamps this year. Hearing about how both are organized and what the expectations are for them was pretty interesting.

It ends up that it seems to take me about 6 times the length of the video to finish creating the subtitles. After entering them all you have to watch it 2 more times; once to sync them and then a 2nd to review/fine-tune the timing.  So this 13 minute video took me almost an hour and a half. A bit of that time was re-learning at the beginning, it had been a long time since the first one I did.

So, if you’re interested in learning more about how to lead a Meetup or Wordcamp, please check out the video – not only can you watch it, but you can watch it with subtitles if you’d like 🙂

And, if you’re looking for a way to be involved in a cool project, please consider working on subtitles yourself! There are step-by-step instructions available.

Could’ve been a fluke

Tonight for the first time J identified each letter of the alphabet!

We haven’t looked at this book in quite awhile, it’s been weeks, if not months. But she selected it as her first bedtime book tonight.

In the past I’ve said the letter and she identified the picture. So, I’d say “a” and she’d say “apple” when I pointed to the apple. Tonight I asked what the letter was and she told me a. I expected her to know that one, but she kept going and going and going. She did the whole book!

When we finished and I told her “good job, I’m impressed and proud of you” she answered with “I proud me too!

It’ll be fun to see if she can replicate it or if it was a one-time thing.