My Vegas Home

My Vegas Home is the name of a condo that my dad and uncle purchased with some other people several years back. The group of around 12 of them share the expenses and the time. It’s like a type of time share among friends. So, while it’s not my Vegas home, it’s their Vegas Home and they’ve been willing to share 🙂

In May of 2011 Morgan and I ventured out to it the first time. I wanted a vacation before Joanna was born and housing combined with cheap flights made Vegas the winner. I know, Las Vegas is a bit of a strange choice for a girl who doesn’t drink, smoke, gamble, or do any of the other things Vegas is famous for even when I’m not with child.

But for us it was a good choice because the price was right, the condo had air conditioning, a kitchen, cable, and a DVD player. And the town has some fun free stuff to check out. All the perfect things for a relaxing time away from home.

We had a great time that year, just sleeping in, venturing out when we wanted to and relaxing. We also visited Hoover Dam and took a tour -it was GREAT!

So, this year when Morgan was planning to attend LoopConf in Las Vegas it seemed a perfect opportunity to combine work with play. I called my dad and asked if he’d like to join us in Las Vegas in May, he checked the condo schedule and said it could work. Yay!

A huge plus has been the condo pool – Joanna has asked to swim each day and we were able to three of the first four days here. She’s loving playing on the steps and hanging on to us in the water.

We were able to explore a bit with Morgan before the conference, and then we dropped him off Wednesday and will pick him up Saturday. Having a 3 1/2 year-old with us puts an interesting spin on being tourists. We’re having a great time checking out a few things and finding local playgrounds. It’s so cool to watch her befriend the other kiddos playing at the park. I’m planning to write a bit about some of those adventures over the next few days.


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