Town Square Las Vegas

IMG_20150508_121952225_HDR While J was playing at a park near the condo in Las Vegas another parent suggested the Children’s Park at Town Square would also be a good place to go play. A quick look online confirmed that it would likely be a fun place to check out.

Since today’s weather was predicted to be cooler than the other days Dad and I decided to go visit this morning. We were pleasantly surprised by what we found.

Town Square is a huge shopping center – I saw at least 3 parking garages, along with on-street parking inside the shopping area.

The Children’s Area was great! There were things to climb, slide, bounce on, pretend with, hide in, and there was a splash pad that would be great on a warmer day. The restrooms even had a child-sized toilet.

IMG_20150508_104937068 IMG_20150508_105802786 Our girl ran right in and climbed onto the goldfish -she enjoyed bouncing around on it. I kind of giggled as another family walked past carrying a little one. I heard the man say “that girl is big enough for this ride.”  I remember those days of her being not quite tall enough for most of the things. We are now at a place where she can reach almost everything on the playground. It’s a lot of fun!

IMG_20150508_105233979_HDR  IMG_20150508_105240010  IMG_20150508_105243972

Next she enjoyed climbing the net up to the top of “her work”.  Grandpa was standing by just in case, but she made it all on her own 🙂


The riding unicorn was a hit too, even though it didn’t really ride. She enjoyed climbing up on it and trying to make it move. Even when I climbed on with her it didn’t move much.


Climbing down the ladder -she told me “you teach me how to do this”. Then proudly shouted out “Grandpa, my mama teach me to do this.” She was thinking about when we’ve climbed ladders at other places – like the fire station – and I told her to go down backwards. It worked well for her today, except that other kids didn’t notice that she was going down instead of up and started climbing too…but, they may have started in either way, since they were just kids too.

IMG_20150508_120454929 IMG_20150508_120456942 IMG_20150508_120542612

For a girl who loves to put on a show this part was a big hit!  She loved getting our attention and then dancing across the stage. She could have done this a lot longer if it wasn’t lunch time.

IMG_20150508_112024913And then she noticed the pretzel shop right on the other side of the gate. She asked what it was and I told her that it was a place that sells pretzels. “Can we get one?” she asked. I had left my purse in the car, so I told her that I didn’t bring my money with me, but left it in the car, did she bring any money? She said no. I asked what should we do? She said “we not get one today.” That was a proud moment for me, a well-trained girl when it comes to buying things when we’re out and about. But, I asked what else can we do? She said “not get one”. I answered, yes, that is one choice but can you think of any others? She sat there a second stumped so I asked “is there someone with us who may have money?” She said yes, and with a big smile turned to my dad “Grandpa can we borrow some money for a pretzel?” He said “how about I buy you a pretzel?” She and I answered “that’s even better”. So, after telling her that our other two options were to go get my money from the car or get some from grandpa we took him up on his offer and got our snack -pretzel bites from Wetzel’s Pretzels. It was a fun, yummy break.

IMG_20150508_112751922 IMG_20150508_112929123 IMG_20150508_112933823 IMG_20150508_112941880 While eating the pretzel she noticed the train and asked if we could ride it. A quick trip to the ticket window and we were able to go board the Cactus Coaster. We had a fun ride, circling twice around part of the mall. It was fun watching people respond as we rode by and waved to them.

We spent about an hour and a half playing and snacking. It was a fun way to spend the morning. Definitely worth the 20 minute drive from where we are staying!


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