Proud :)

Living in Oklahoma means our 3 1/2 year old is learning about weather awareness and tornado precautions. Tonight as I was finishing up dinner she was watching “Peep and the Big Wide World” on OETA and heard the beeps sound when they interrupted with weather news written on the screen. This was the first time she’d seen that happen.

Being the curious girl that she is, she of course asked Morgan what that meant. And, he explained that it was letting us know about weather and that we needed to check it out to see if the problem was going to be where we are or somewhere else. We explained that those beeps let people know to pay attention, that I could hear them in the kitchen and if Daddy wasn’t in the living room with her to check it out I would have come in to see what was going on.

About an hour later during her bath I noticed that we had some flooding happening on our street. There was fast-moving, deep water out there. So much so that it was up on the sidewalk at one point and flowing over the bottom of our mailbox. I’ve never seen water quite like that here at our house in Edmond.

Morgan got a short video of our street that Joanna was looking forward to seeing after her bath. Even though she saw it live, she still asked to sit and watch the video. I’ll admit he did a good job capturing the event.

Well that escalated quickly.

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I called my dad a bit later to fill him in on our weather and she wanted to talk to Grandpa Joe and let him know “Grandpa Joe, our street flooded!” It was a big deal in her world.

She went on to sleep fine even though we rejected her request for her headphones to block out the thunder and rain. We did turn her radio on for her, I just can’t feel good about giving her a cord in bed. We think she was almost asleep when the music was interrupted with news about a tornado. As the report continued she calmly got up, went into Morgan’s office, and said “Daddy, there’s a tornado at our house, I heared it on the radio”. He stopped what he was doing and said “let’s go listen” and went right in with her to hear what she was hearing. Then he took her back to the office while he checked his phone for other weather info so that he could let her know for sure that the problem area wasn’t at our house. He finished up by praying with her for safety for the people there as well as safety for us. I sat in the living room smiling the whole time. What sweet moments between the 2 of them!

I did find another radio for her for tonight so that we could play a CD that wouldn’t include any weather news instead of a regular FM station that would likely be interrupted again.

“Proud” was the word that came to mind when I thought about the interaction between the 2 of them. First, Joanna was calm and went to a person who could help her. Even though she was scared she sought out daddy to take care of things. Then, even though he’s working on something important for work, Morgan stopped what he was doing. He listened, acknowledged that she was talking about something important, and went with her to investigate and resolve the situation. I love that she knows she can go to him for help and that his actions continue to reinforce that confidence she has in him.


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