Thankful for WordPress


It’s been pretty cool to get to step into the “computer stuff” part of Morgan’s world in the past 14 months or so.

Tonight I’m at the OKC WordPress meetup enjoying watching him give the presentation.

From attending a WordCamp, to starting a blog, to creating subtitles, to attending more WordCamps, to now finding and hiring a babysitter so I can go to the meetup too I’ve really enjoyed participating in the WordPress world (or community as it’s commonly called).

Oh, and when I got stuck tonight wanting to add links to this post, I just waited until the end of the presentations and asked the guy that actually works on the mobile apps how to do it. And, he helped me. So cool.

It’s been good for me personally and fun to have something else in common  with my husband 🙂


Fun at the Science Museum




There is a new section called CurioCity at the Science Museum. We had a great time visiting it on opening day.

Though we did lots of fun new things, making “pictures” in pins was a highlight.

We continue to enjoy having an annual pass so that we can go for just an hour or so at a time.