Flying crackers

We had a pretty smooth trip from OKC to Indy. We left Monday afternoon and stopped for the night in Joplin.

The “Hotel Tonight” app helped us find a fine place to stay at a good price. If you decide to try it out sometime you can save $25 off your first booking by using my promo code: JESTES26. We stopped for a break and opened the app and reserved a room and then were able to just check right in when we got there. We even saved $25 on our stay with a promo code.

We enjoyed the hotel breakfast and got back on the road around 9 AM. All was going well until we had a small collision in Springfield, MO. Once we stopped after the big bump the guy got out, apologized, and gave me all his contact/insurance info. We shopped a bit to calm down and then kept on going.

Thankfully no real harm was done and we continued on our way and made it Dad’s house just fine Tuesday evening with no additional problems.

Joanna does a great job explaining what happened:

Every now and then J will talk about her goldfish flying or ask “why that man bump our car?” I use that as an opportunity to remind her that the driver has to pay attention and that’s why I can’t look at whatever she’s trying to show me from the back seat or answer when she hears a text arrive on my phone.


Ready to go


It’s looking like the road trip may be on, at least it’s more likely than not at this point that we’ll leave tomorrow or Tuesday. Joanna’s even doing her part to get ready to go.

She asked if she could get her suitcase and start packing. I agreed and she began. 

She told me she’s ready to go so I checked her suitcase. It is full of books. She selected them one by one to take with her to grandpa’s house.

I asked about clothes and she told me the clothes go in the small mesh pocket inside the top.

While I love that her books are important to her it’s clear I have some more training to do about what to pack for a trip 🙂

I suppose I should admit that a friend and I still laugh about the “library” I brought along on a mission trip 20ish years ago. It was before we had electronic books and we were there for six weeks. I wanted to be prepared for our downtime in the evenings.

Maybe this love of books is another little “like mother, like daughter” instance. It sure made me smile today.

Like mother, like daughter -traveling

For the last week I’ve been thinking about taking a quick trip to Indy to visit family and escape the heat here in OK.  Morgan has too much happening at work to take time off right now, so it would be just me and the almost 4 year old.

I’ve asked her about going, told her we would have to drive a really long time. She said yes, then no, then yes, then no. She keeps randomly bringing it up letting me know she does or doesn’t want to go.

The funny thing is that is kinda what’s been happening with me deciding for the last week. I think yes, let’s do it! Then I think no, not a great time. I started by looking at flights, and those were just way too high to do, so driving it came into the picture. Years (or decades) ago I drove this distance and more with no problem. But for the last many years I’ve slept or crocheted would Morgan drove.

Yesterday morning she drew two pictures, one for her daddy that she put in his office, and one for me.

Here’s the one she gave daddy, after a bit of coaching you may see that it is an airplane.


Then she gave me this one:


Another airplane, but this one includes the three of us on our way to the plans to go visit family.

It seems she’s ready to go visit too! If only it wasn’t such a long drive.

There will always be dishes

As long as we keep eating or drinking in our house there will be dishes that need washed. Sometimes we take care of them after each meal (those are the times life feels manageable) and sometimes they accumulate for a few meals.

Tonight Morgan and Joanna were playing after dinner while I wanted dishes. She asked me if I wanted to join their beach party and I declined. We get a lot of play time so I wanted her and Daddy to have some to themselves and I wanted to finish the dishes.

She left the party to find her paper and markers to make me an invitation to the party.


When she finished this masterpiece and proudly handed me my invitation to her beach party I am glad to say that I dried my hands and walked away from the dishes.


This towel is her beach, she spreads it out next to the tan area rug (which serves as the sand) and then lays on it.


It’s great having such a creative, energetic girl who enjoys playing together. I’m trying to soak up these moments and experiences as much as possible.

I found it extra entertaining that she told me where the beach came from. She remembers that it was a party favor from a friend’s 3rd birthday party.

What a blessing that the three of us could stop amidst lots of other things that “need” done and enjoy a bit if time together. I hope we always take time for fun moments together 🙂