There will always be dishes

As long as we keep eating or drinking in our house there will be dishes that need washed. Sometimes we take care of them after each meal (those are the times life feels manageable) and sometimes they accumulate for a few meals.

Tonight Morgan and Joanna were playing after dinner while I wanted dishes. She asked me if I wanted to join their beach party and I declined. We get a lot of play time so I wanted her and Daddy to have some to themselves and I wanted to finish the dishes.

She left the party to find her paper and markers to make me an invitation to the party.


When she finished this masterpiece and proudly handed me my invitation to her beach party I am glad to say that I dried my hands and walked away from the dishes.


This towel is her beach, she spreads it out next to the tan area rug (which serves as the sand) and then lays on it.


It’s great having such a creative, energetic girl who enjoys playing together. I’m trying to soak up these moments and experiences as much as possible.

I found it extra entertaining that she told me where the beach came from. She remembers that it was a party favor from a friend’s 3rd birthday party.

What a blessing that the three of us could stop amidst lots of other things that “need” done and enjoy a bit if time together. I hope we always take time for fun moments together 🙂


2 thoughts on “There will always be dishes

  1. Mary Beth Lutes says:

    Laying down on her “beach” she looks so much like Morgan. So glad you are able to process the importance of being available for her. The dishes as you stated will always be there. You are an amazing mom Jessica. Keep up the great parenting. and I always love your post.

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