Like mother, like daughter -traveling

For the last week I’ve been thinking about taking a quick trip to Indy to visit family and escape the heat here in OK.  Morgan has too much happening at work to take time off right now, so it would be just me and the almost 4 year old.

I’ve asked her about going, told her we would have to drive a really long time. She said yes, then no, then yes, then no. She keeps randomly bringing it up letting me know she does or doesn’t want to go.

The funny thing is that is kinda what’s been happening with me deciding for the last week. I think yes, let’s do it! Then I think no, not a great time. I started by looking at flights, and those were just way too high to do, so driving it came into the picture. Years (or decades) ago I drove this distance and more with no problem. But for the last many years I’ve slept or crocheted would Morgan drove.

Yesterday morning she drew two pictures, one for her daddy that she put in his office, and one for me.

Here’s the one she gave daddy, after a bit of coaching you may see that it is an airplane.


Then she gave me this one:


Another airplane, but this one includes the three of us on our way to the plans to go visit family.

It seems she’s ready to go visit too! If only it wasn’t such a long drive.


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