Ready to go


It’s looking like the road trip may be on, at least it’s more likely than not at this point that we’ll leave tomorrow or Tuesday. Joanna’s even doing her part to get ready to go.

She asked if she could get her suitcase and start packing. I agreed and she began. 

She told me she’s ready to go so I checked her suitcase. It is full of books. She selected them one by one to take with her to grandpa’s house.

I asked about clothes and she told me the clothes go in the small mesh pocket inside the top.

While I love that her books are important to her it’s clear I have some more training to do about what to pack for a trip 🙂

I suppose I should admit that a friend and I still laugh about the “library” I brought along on a mission trip 20ish years ago. It was before we had electronic books and we were there for six weeks. I wanted to be prepared for our downtime in the evenings.

Maybe this love of books is another little “like mother, like daughter” instance. It sure made me smile today.


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