Flying crackers

We had a pretty smooth trip from OKC to Indy. We left Monday afternoon and stopped for the night in Joplin.

The “Hotel Tonight” app helped us find a fine place to stay at a good price. If you decide to try it out sometime you can save $25 off your first booking by using my promo code: JESTES26. We stopped for a break and opened the app and reserved a room and then were able to just check right in when we got there. We even saved $25 on our stay with a promo code.

We enjoyed the hotel breakfast and got back on the road around 9 AM. All was going well until we had a small collision in Springfield, MO. Once we stopped after the big bump the guy got out, apologized, and gave me all his contact/insurance info. We shopped a bit to calm down and then kept on going.

Thankfully no real harm was done and we continued on our way and made it Dad’s house just fine Tuesday evening with no additional problems.

Joanna does a great job explaining what happened:

Every now and then J will talk about her goldfish flying or ask “why that man bump our car?” I use that as an opportunity to remind her that the driver has to pay attention and that’s why I can’t look at whatever she’s trying to show me from the back seat or answer when she hears a text arrive on my phone.


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