Sweet moments

We walked out of Texas Roadhouse after dinner tonight and Joanna heard the music playing, turned to her daddy and said “dance, dance” as she smiled and offered him her hand.

It was sweet to see the two of them enjoying the moment.


Maybe I just don’t like change in technology land…

We got me an iPad Mini Saturday night. My initial reaction was it should go back to the store. It seemed too big and I really miss the back button/arrow I use on the android phone. 

I wasn’t totally sure if I wanted it – it seemed a bit wasteful, but probably useful. An upcoming international trip without Morgan and Joanna was a motivator – being able to communicate with them and have books and stuff for the flight were motivation to go for it.

So, I’m trying to use it a bit more and see whether I get more comfortable with it, or if my initial reaction was right on. Writing this post is helping with figuring out whether or not the keyboard is comfortable for me. 

Joanna is a fan, of course. She loves it and asks to play games that she has played with friends. 

The first game I played was fine, but playing Solitaire just now felt like I was playing a large-print edition. Check it out:

The next test comes in the morning…can I use it to read while using an elliptical machine at the YMCA. Last week I was able to put my phone in a little slot on the display and read while working out. If this will work to do that too that will be a big plus. 


Going for a drive


The weather today was perfect for an evening drive, as it was close to 70 instead of in the mid-90s. So we took advantage of it and headed out front after dinner.

J had a great time driving around our street, she even got to drive over to a friend’s house to say hi.

We told her she couldn’t visit with them for long because they’d need to leave for church, so she stomped on the gas and said “wait up Sarah, I coming”. It was so cute to see.

Also, she had tunes for the first time. Her sweet ride has a connection for an iPod so daddy fixed her up with some music. She was driving and bopping along to the song till it stopped. Then she stopped the car and said “I need more tunes please “.

If her current skills are an indication of future driving we are in trouble! Morgan figured out it may be best to have someone else teach her, and according to her imitation of me I must never drive straight. As she swerved back and forth she said ” I do just like mama!” I really don’t think that’s true.

She still remembers that her car is a gift from a kind neighbor and wants to tell him thank you often. I hope he gets to see her out driving next time.

Fun on the way

We had a good last day in Indy/ first day heading home to OK.

J got to swim with Grandpa while I packed and napped.

After a quick lunch with Grandpa we hit the road and she was out before we got on the interstate.

We had smooth construction-filled travels to our hotel.

After checking in to our room we enjoyed the playground, gift shop, and restaurant. We even fulfilled Joanna’s wish of pasta for dinner. A second stop on the playground helped finish out some of her energy before bed.

I love that she gets excited about the flowers and stops to smell them.

Though staying in hotels with her at this age is a pain due to her restless excitement and unwillingness to settle down and sleep, this place seems to be a pretty good fit for us.

After settling into bed she asked to Skype daddy. Getting to see and talk to him was a good end to a nice day. We are definitely ready and excited to see him tomorrow.