Maybe I just don’t like change in technology land…

We got me an iPad Mini Saturday night. My initial reaction was it should go back to the store. It seemed too big and I really miss the back button/arrow I use on the android phone. 

I wasn’t totally sure if I wanted it – it seemed a bit wasteful, but probably useful. An upcoming international trip without Morgan and Joanna was a motivator – being able to communicate with them and have books and stuff for the flight were motivation to go for it.

So, I’m trying to use it a bit more and see whether I get more comfortable with it, or if my initial reaction was right on. Writing this post is helping with figuring out whether or not the keyboard is comfortable for me. 

Joanna is a fan, of course. She loves it and asks to play games that she has played with friends. 

The first game I played was fine, but playing Solitaire just now felt like I was playing a large-print edition. Check it out:

The next test comes in the morning…can I use it to read while using an elliptical machine at the YMCA. Last week I was able to put my phone in a little slot on the display and read while working out. If this will work to do that too that will be a big plus. 



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