An awesome baby blanket pattern

Since I learned to crochet back in 2010 I’ve made lots of blankets. Somewhere along the way I thought hmmm, I should be keeping track of these in case I want to make the same one again, or just cause it’s fun to know what I’ve made. But, life is busy and that didn’t happen.

So, I find myself occasionally spending time looking for a pattern I’ve used before. That just happened again. There’s someone I want to make a blanket for, and I have a blanket in mind, but I need the pattern. Thankfully I guessed right and it was a Lion Brand pattern so I didn’t spend too long looking. But, still I did waste a bit of time finding it.

A solution… this post!  Yep, I’m going to link to the pattern here and then next time I need it I can find it quicker. Yay!

The first time I made this blanket was for a friend in my class at church. She was having a baby and I wanted to give her a blanket. A couple of years later she sent me a picture of the baby, now around 2, using the blanket to put herself to sleep for a nap. Sweet, huh?

Then I made one in Pepperdine colors to send to friends living in Germany who were having a baby girl. Go waves! The blanket got there after the baby, but they used it. I saw it years later in a Facebook post being used by her baby brother back here in the States. Yay! I love it when things I’ve made get used.

Most recently I made one for a friend here in Oklahoma. She texted me a picture of her sweet girl with the blanket, letting me know that they’ve totally enjoyed using it. It’s just a perfect size for the young ones in a car seat or stroller to cover them up without a ton of extra fabric to figure out.

Based on that recent success we decided to make one more for another baby on the way. It’s so cool that Morgan and I can think about it together and pick out colors that will have meaning to the recipient.

Well, now that I’ve secured the pattern for next time I’m ready to get started!


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