Walmart will deliver groceries to your car!

Walmart has a new service: Walmart Grocery. It’s awesome! For no additional cost you can order online and they’ll bring your groceries to your car. I used it twice in the first week it started here in Edmond.

I just signed in at and found what I wanted. The one catch is that there is a minimum $30 order required. After filling my cart I selected a 2-hour time slot to pick up my stuff. They called me 15 minutes before it was ready and asked that I call back 10 minutes prior to arriving. The reserved parking for pick-up was easy to find.

The first time my order included some toiletries, cans, pasta, eggs, ground beef, and lettuce. When they brought it out to my car they showed me the ground beef, checked the eggs, and noticed a black spot on the lettuce so went back inside to get a better one. They loaded it into my trunk and gave a gift bag, smile, and thank you.

The second time the employee brought me a cold bottle of water in addition to the gift bag. It was great! She even told me to stay in the car while she loaded the trunk.

Though there are other places I’d rather shop this service is awesome for times that I don’t want to take a curious 4-year-old inside with me – like when it’s raining or really cold, or when the store is full of Christmas displays and toys catching her attention everywhere.


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