Lego Beginnings

Lego has been a daily play item this past week. It’s been great! So, I decided to share a bit about our Lego journey in a few posts.

I love watching our girl be creative. She’s enjoying working with us to build complicated things and also making her own creations.

It all started a few years back when we stopped at the Lego Store in the mall to see if she’d enjoy playing with them. (Her dad being a fan may have helped guide us into the store). She did. She jumped right in, standing at the table and connecting the bricks to each other. She found pieces of ice cream cones and put them together and tried to sell them to us. Based on that experience when her grandparents asked what she’d like for her birthday we let them know that Duplo would be a great birthday gift.

They sent the the LEGO DUPLO Creative Ice Cream for her birthday a little over a year ago. It was funny that the one they sent was the same as the pieces she had played with the most in the store. I guess great minds really do think alike 🙂 It was a hit, she played with it lots.

A few months later she received the LEGO DUPLO Pink-Box-of-Fun for Christmas. She loved it! There were some pictures on the insert of things she could build and she enjoyed copying that with our help to make the things pictured. Months later she was building things all by herself.

Since then she has recently moved on to playing with new sets with smaller pieces, but that seems like a story for another day. It’s been great fun watching her imagine, create, and play with these things!


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