Maybe there is wrong side of the bed to wake up on

Yesterday our girl was just out of sorts all day. It started very early and lasted until she was out for the night. Kinda makes me wonder if there is something to the idea of “waking up on the wrong side of the bed”.

Before we even left the house at 8 AM I had to tell her many, many times to quit climbing on me, touching my face, jumping onto me, and doing all sorts of other things that she knows she shouldn’t be doing. Then, when leaving she decided “I want to lead” and basically tripped Morgan on the way out the door in her rush to get in front of him. Had he not caught himself it could have been a very different day for all of us. After almost falling he deemed it a do-over morning and we all went inside and started leaving the house all over again.

It didn’t improve much from there…at one point near the end of church service I finally had her sit by herself on the empty section of the row behind us because she just wouldn’t quit talking. Talking about what, you ask? Nothing! She was narrating some nonsense to her coloring book and doing it so loudly I couldn’t hear the lesson.

For lunch we joined quite a few friends for a class pitch-in at someone’s house. Her most notable transgression there was yelling “you’re not my mommy” to a friend who was telling her to stop opening and closing the screen door. She made it about 3 steps post-yell before Morgan made it to her in time for some correction. This friend is one she sees weekly and has lunch and/or dinner with each Sunday. She knows it is someone we trust and she should obey. She did make a sweet apology once released from time-out and confirmed that the two of them could still be friends.

Then, in the evening at another friend’s house for dinner and small group I walked into the room she was playing in to check on her (which I did because I’d heard the mean way she was talking to the younger kids from the other room) in time to see her yell no and push on the other kiddo. This all happened in spite of several conversations about how to talk to our friends and what to do with her hands. I scooped her up and moved her to a time-out chair. Not fun for any of us. Once she was freed from time-out (yes, she could tell me exactly what the problem was and what she could do better), I spent the rest of the night in the same room just being present in case further correction was needed.

It seriously was rough all day with her with no apparent reason. Of course, the reason could be she is 4 years old and sometimes that’s just life with a 4 year-old 🙂


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