A little info can go a long way

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While acknowledging it may be too early to rejoice, since I’m still at home in Edmond and not at my dad’s in Indiana, it seems like we’re off to a good start for our coming trip.

We are scheduled to begin an exciting journey today. First Indiana for Thanksgiving and then Philadelphia for WordCamp US.

With so much time away from home I’m a bit more anxious than usual prior to traveling and decided to check on our flight one more time late last night. Our connecting city was Chicago. They’re currently having a winter storm and flying through there isn’t looking like a good option at the moment.

The website said that travelers with destinations on the list of affected cities could change with no fee as long as their original departure and destination cities remained the same. It seemed like I should see about changing. Since I had bought our original ticket through AAA and not American I couldn’t make the change myself online.

So, I called American Airlines and discovered that yes, since our flight went through a city on their list we could switch for no fee. We rebooked through DFW for just a few hours later than our original flight, still on the same day.

Hopefully this is a win all around. A bit more time to finish getting ready this morning and not trying to go through a city having weather troubles. Though we could have probably been rebooked at the airport, that would have meant an extra hour and half in the airport early in the morning with a kiddo. Being home with her is much less stressful than hanging out with her for extra time in the airport.

What a change from my first days of traveling, back before cell phones, the Internet, and easy access to flight information from anywhere! I already had an alternate flight through DFW in mind when I called the reservation line, I knew that seats were available and the timing looking good. Back in the day, we just called an 800 number and hoped that the person on the other end would check things out and find us a way to get where we wanted to go. That worked, but this way seemed much smoother.


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