We made it to Philly!

J snow in Philly

The first half of our Thanksgiving/WordCamp US adventure has been great. We enjoyed some good time with family in Indy and made our 2 day journey from there to Philly Monday and Tuesday, arriving late last night. Now we’re ready for the WordCamp part of the adventure.

Yep, two days to travel from Indy – Philly. Having a 4 year-old along for the journey makes for lots of fun stops. I lost count last night how many times we stopped for potty breaks, but it was a lot!

Morgan’s off to the Community Summit today so Dad and Joanna and I enjoyed swimming and venturing out for lunch. We had some yummy sandwiches at Comcast Center and even caught part of a neat Christmas show in there too.

If you’re wondering about Morgan’s role here at WordCamp, check out this post from 10up to see a bit about Morgan and his co-workers who are speaking here this week.

I’m looking forward to a few more days of exploring the city with Dad and Joanna and then enjoying WordCamp with Morgan while Dad and Joanna get some grandpa/granddaughter time. And, when we’re all done here it will be great to get back home 🙂


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