Yay for Contributor Day!

I spent much of Sunday at the Contributor Day that was part of WordCamp US. It was great!

There were 3 big rooms full of people working on a variety of WordPress things. It was so cool to hear people meeting each other and sharing their experiences with the project and asking/answering questions of each other.

I was there to work on subtitling videos on WordPress.tv and see about helping others do that too. I’m glad to say it was successful!

I met some helpful new people and was able to share my experience a bit with a few who hadn’t worked on subtitles before. It’s exciting to be part of such a cool thing.

Several hours into it I decided to start working on a new video and see if I could finish one during the day. If I’d been able to stay until the end instead of bailing a tad early to deal with a fussy four-year-old I would have been able to do it. Instead I finished it up in the hotel that night.

I ended up really enjoying the video I selected. It’s from WordCamp Finland 2015. I had a list of ones that are under 15 minutes and I asked Morgan to help me find one that wouldn’t be too technical, so he picked “Why You Should Publish a Plugin on WordPress.org” by Otto Kekäläinen. He does a great job explaining some benefits of publishing your plugins on WordPress.org. For anyone who writes plugins and doesn’t publish them there, it’d be worth a listen, he has some great reasons why you should.

I finished it and submitted before bed. By the end of the next day the subtitles had been added. Now you can watch his video with English subtitles available. So cool!

So, besides my personal success in subtitling a video, I enjoyed seeing others working on subtitles too. There were at least three others who started their first one and two others I saw working on various ones in languages besides English.

In addition to the work happening it was really neat to see so many people visiting with each other and sharing their experiences. The WordPress community really is a fun, friendly, helpful group of people. I’m glad that I’ve been able to see it firsthand and hope that you’ll think about joining in. There are opportunities for people of all skill levels and interests. Check out the info about WordPress and find a way to join in the fun!


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