Crocheted Christmas Ornaments


One of Great-Grandma Agnes’ creations

Christmas ornament making has history in my family. My great-grandmother made beautiful ornaments for years. Though I remember several things about her, one my clearer memories is her sitting in her living room with a TV tray table in front of her full of pins and sequins that she was using to craft an ornament. One of my most-prized ornaments on our Christmas tree is this one that she made and I received from my family when my grandparents’ Christmas decorations were being divided up among the family after they passed away.

Perhaps somewhat following in her footsteps I began making ornaments a few years ago. Though I love the intricate beauty in great-grandma’s ornaments the ones I make seem much simpler. Or, they at least require fewer pieces to create. In spite of that they inspire some of the same feelings of appreciation for loving work that hers have throughout the years.

IMG_20151221_193210996I’ve made several versions of crocheted snowflakes, but this one has become my go-to, a favorite in several colors. I printed the pattern from Caron yarn’s website a few years ago and can’t find it online now. The first year I made them in a variety of colors for friends and this year used a yarn that has a bit of sparkle in it, which was a favorite for my daughter. Though there are lots of snowflake patterns around, I really have enjoyed using this one.


This candy cane was a new pattern for me this year. It turned out pretty cute, but a bit large. I started another one using crochet thread instead of yarn, but working with the thread took a lot more concentration than using the yarn and I decided it just wasn’t worth my time 🙂 You can find this pattern on Yarnspiration’s site. So far I’ve made just the one for our tree in traditional red and white. I thought about making some for gifts but would like them to be a bit smaller.





And, then there is this one… a basket with yarn. It seemed like a fun addition to our tree since it represents my creative work with yarn. Like everything else it could be customized with any color of yarn in the basket, I just used some that was readily available from other projects. The pattern is available free from Red Heart yarn.



It’s been fun making these and sharing some of them with friends. I look forward to continuing great-grandma’s legacy of adding some handmade beauty to Christmas and look forward to passing on the tradition to my sweet girl as she grows. She’s already been busy making her own ornaments to share using foam and stickers. Seeing her joy in creating was a highlight to the season this year. We’ll be packing up the tree soon and likely won’t think about the ornaments for months. But, next year when it’s time to decorate again brining them out will be a fun reminder of family love and the joy that creating can bring.


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