Wishing I’d read some reviews first

I tried a new toilet cleaning product yesterday. It was a total fail for us! The 4-year-old kept telling me “the blue thing has a strong smell”. She was absolutely right. Such a strong smell it permeated the front half of the house and the hallway. Yuck!

Here is the product (available at Amazon, but I picked it up at Target):

With two extra people in the house for a month I thought a little extra help cleaning the toilet could go a long way toward making it a clean space for everyone. These seemed like a nice minimal effort way to add a bit of cleaning. Bummer that it didn’t work! 

So, today after another complaint by my daughter and also kind of hating how my house smelled myself, I scraped it out of the toilet and thew it away, then took out the trash, burned some candles, cleaned the toilet again with our normal stuff, and am getting ready to bake some brownies, hoping the house will then smell like chocolate instead of yucky toilet cleaning gel.

Amidst the cleaning I took a quick peek at reviews and discovered many others had the same experience as me…the scent is just way too strong. Too bad there doesn’t seem to be an obvious way to return a partial box with an excuse of we just couldn’t stand it.

Hopefully you’ll learn from our experience and try something else, as this one really was a bad choice.


2 thoughts on “Wishing I’d read some reviews first

  1. Megan says:

    I like the Scrubbing Bubbles toilet cleaning gel. Looks similar as far as sticking the gel in the bowl, and it does have a clean smell (especially at first), but its not overwhelming (at least in my opinion). 🙂

  2. clar says:

    You need to return it eve though you used some, I too bought some and I just dont like the way they work (actually dont work) I bought some at sams and am thinking of returning them even though I used 2 out of a tweleve pack .

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