A bit more about the YWCA 2 Minute 5K

For several years now our family has participated in the YWCA’s 2 Minute 5K that happens in April, during sexual assault awareness month. A month or two ago I received a request to be interviewed about my experiences with the event. The YWCA’s Director of Communication was working on an article for a magazine to help get word out about this year’s run.

You can see her article on page 45 of the Oklahoma Sports and Fitness magazine. I’m honored to be part of them spreading the word about the event.

And, if you’d like you can join our Threads of Compassion OKC team! You can run in the race, or choose the snooze option and join us online by spreading the word about it and you’ll even get a t-shirt!

In case you’re wondering, no they don’t expect anyone to run a 5K in 2 minutes. The name comes from the fact that statistically someone in the US is sexually assaulted every 2 minutes. This event is an effort to support survivors and raise funds and awareness for the programs the YWCA has available to help. Please join us if you can!


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