We got it planted!




My helper and I got the garden planted before vacation. She had a great time this year helping get it cleared out and digging holes for the plants.

Some of the plants are probably a bit too close together, but I let her help out quite a bit and just went with it. Maybe next year we’ll put more effort into deciding exactly where the plants should go.

We are hopeful for the harvest, looking forward to having lots of tomatoes, squash, and peppers to share.

While I don’t really enjoy the work of gardening, I do enjoy the harvest and the family time we get working together on it (especially when that time happens early before the heat takes over).


She ran the whole way!

We had a great time participating in the YWCA’s 2 Minute 5K again this year!

Last year Joanna was registered for the Kiddie K, but after starting she turned around and ran back to us, tears streaming down her face. The problem was that there were 2 mascots cheering on the kiddos, they had to run past them to start the race. That was just too much for our 3-year-old to do. She turned and sought comfort from us. This year she said she wanted to run. She remembered last year and said that she wouldn’t be afraid this year. So we signed her up and planned on having a grown-up friend run with her.

Here she is about to start, a bit bummed because our friend didn’t make it, but still willing to run. She was willing to run with dad (who came not planning to run) but wasn’t too happy about it. For weeks she’d been telling us how excited she was to run with our friend. IMG_20160416_075821

Just after this picture another friend arrived. She was scheduled to run the 5K but was there before the Kiddie K and was willing to run with Joanna prior to her race. As you can see, this prospect brightened things up for our girl 🙂


When they got back we had one proud girl! She very happily told us “I ran the whole way, I didn’t walk at all!” She was rightfully proud of her running accomplishment.

Just a few more pictures from the race:

I love that we have friends who are willing to spend their Saturday morning joining us in supporting the YWCA’s event. It’s a bright spot in the midst of reminders of the horror that is the reality of sexual assault.

This year 3 friends joined us – 2 running the race and 1 snoozing at home. And, one friend’s whole family was there, her kiddos played with Joanna while she ran and her husband and family dog hung out with them at the playground. What a blessing to be surrounded by people who take time out to support me and this event!

I wrote a bit about the experience for our Threads blog too. http://www.threadsokc.org/they-did-it/ 


Mary Poppins was right!

A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down! 



In our case it’s a jelly bean instead of a spoonful, but the same result 🙂

J had been really struggling with taking the antibiotic for her ear infection. It was becoming a battle that was just kind of awful. So, after 4, almost 5, years of successfully not using candy as a reward I caved.

Yep, I told her if she took it without delay or complaining she could have a jelly bean.

It worked! Amazingly, she took it and then was really excited about the jelly bean. No complaint or delaying.

Some lessons from movies are worth paying on. This one attend to be a winner!