Mary Poppins was right!

A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down! 



In our case it’s a jelly bean instead of a spoonful, but the same result 🙂

J had been really struggling with taking the antibiotic for her ear infection. It was becoming a battle that was just kind of awful. So, after 4, almost 5, years of successfully not using candy as a reward I caved.

Yep, I told her if she took it without delay or complaining she could have a jelly bean.

It worked! Amazingly, she took it and then was really excited about the jelly bean. No complaint or delaying.

Some lessons from movies are worth paying on. This one attend to be a winner!


2 thoughts on “Mary Poppins was right!

  1. One Mile Smile says:

    Ha! The power of candy! My son was so awful tsking medicine once, I had to call the doctor who told me to give it to him with chocolate syrup! I wasn’t sure who won that one, me or my son!

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