Gluten free pasta take one

Tonight’s dinner plan was spaghetti. Homemade meat sauce and new gluten free spaghetti to be exact. In an attempt to reduce clean up time and effort I decided we’d all 3 have the gluten free spaghetti rather than just making enough of it for Morgan and something else for me and J.

This brown rice spaghetti was only a success with our pasta-loving four-year-old. Of course that girl hasn’t yet met a noodle she didn’t like 🙂 

The other two of us, however just couldn’t do it. I guess the fact I don’t really like brown rice should have been a clue that I may not be a fan.

This rotini ended up being a winner for Morgan. I was glad we had something that works and tastes good for him. I tasted it, and could have eaten it too, but had made our regular spaghetti for me.

So, instead of one pasta pan, I ended up with three to wash tonight. 

And, now we know…brown rice spaghetti is out and 4 grain rotini is in. What an adventure this gluten free thing is 🙂


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