Crocheting for the fair

I have a new thing to be excited about! I’m planning to enter a scarf in the Oklahoma State Fair Creative Arts Competition. This is the first year that exhibitors can submit a scarf to be donated to Threads of Compassion OKC.

I get to make a scarf for Threads, have it displayed at the fair, bring home a ribbon, and have the scarf donated at the end. So cool!!

Now, the tough part is deciding what to make. I can register online starting July 1st and then drop off the scarf September 10th and 11th. So, I have plenty of time, and too many ideas of fun colors and patterns.

I have vague memories of entering items in a fair when I was a kiddo. I’m guessing it was the county fair, but it could have been the state fair. As I recall it was cookies I made at 4-H camp down the street from my Grandma’s house. I believe I got some type of ribbon (which is probably still in my Dad’s garage with all the other stuff I should have sorted out by now). I’m pretty excited about working on this new submission and picking up a long-time tradition of submitting things to the fair.

You can also see the post I wrote about this over at the Threads blog 🙂

If you’re living in Oklahoma and can knit or crochet I hope you’ll join me.


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