What we’ve been doing lately

WordCamp OKC planning sums up our answer to “what have you been up to lately?” I say it’s our answer instead of my answer because it’s been a great joint project for Morgan and me and because J gets to hear a lot about it. Between communicating with our organizing team, creating/scheduling posts, thinking about which topics would be the best fit, and just obsessing about lots of details that probably aren’t even really mine to obsess about it has taken over 🙂

I knew it would be a good learning experience, and that has been true. I’ve learned not just about WordPress, but about working with a team of essentially strangers, and a lot about myself.

In the land of WordPress learning: I can now schedule posts and tweets to happen later -so I can set up a whole series at one time but release them at the appropriate times, cool, huh? I experimented with “edit” and “quick edit” and found they’re useful for different things. I also figured out that posts go on the front page and trigger an email to people subscribed to the site while pages don’t do that. So, if we want people to know a page exists it’s helpful to make a post about it, too. I know, for more experienced WordPressers, all those details probably feel a bit like the ABC’s, but to me it’s been good to get a real understanding of how it works. And, I know when the slack chats about events happen each day.

Often in the afternoon when J wakes up and wants to play I’m finding myself saying “let me finish this thing then I’m all yours” She’s doing a great job being patient with that. It may help that she has loved her experiences at previous WordCamps (stickers, friendly people, and Wapuu are pretty attractive to her). And, though it is sometimes tough I’m really trying to finish that one message and close up the laptop till later. It’s good for her to know we’re working on things, but also good to know that we’re here for her, too. Practicing balance in that will likely be a lifelong priority.

It’s scheduled for just over a month from now, July 30th. Tonight we released our list of speakers. They’re a good group. I’m proud of the quality of our lineup and look forward to hearing each of them next month. And, if for some reason I’m working on something else and miss a session or two, they’ll be posted on wordpress.tv later and I can see them there. You can too 🙂


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