Fun night

A good friend took care of J tonight so we could attend the WordCamp OKC speaker/sponsor dinner. We stopped for gas and drinks on the way home and got the best text:

The Eagle has landed. ( for the most part) Feel free to go out for coffee or something to have a mini date and debrief from your dinner.

So, we finished up at On Cue and headed over to OC to catch some Pokémon. 

It was a beautiful night and fun to get a few minutes together in the midst of lots of activity. Yay for friends!!


Thankful for an encouraging word

This has been a hard week. I’ve found myself angry, heartbroken, confused, fearful, hurt, and so many other things. And, it’s so overwhelming, I just haven’t had words. I haven’t known how to reach out, how to respond.

Knowing that we live in a time where racism still exists, where people hurt and kill each other because we look different is just heartbreaking. And, the problem seems huge, long-standing, and near impossible to know how to address.

But, as so often happens, gathering with my church family today was a good thing. Being together reminded me that there are places that love instead of hate is expressed. Hearing Brother Hill share his thoughts and experiences was an encouragement. Being reminded that we are in a battle not with each other, but with evil was good. Being reminded to love people with abandonment was a good thing.

As Brother HIll quoted “red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight” My sweet 4-year old looked up from her coloring with excitement in her eyes and voice and said “that’s my song”. Hearing her excitement at recognizing a song of Biblical truth and knowing that some of her best friends have skin that is different than hers gives me hope for our future.

So, if you want to shed a few tears and get some encouragement, check out the video from this morning. I think you’ll be glad you did.

From previous experiences I already had great respect for Brother Hill, but hearing his words this morning made me thankful again for the great people that surround me here in this stage of life. Helping us refocus on truth this morning was a good thing. Not an easy thing, but a good thing.

Started my scarf for the fair


Awhile back I wrote about the opportunity to enter scarves in the Oklahoma State Fair for Threads of Compassion.

Though most of my needlecraft experience is with crocheting, I decided to give knitting a try for this project. Each contestant can enter a knitted and a crocheted scarf so I’m trying to do both.

Knitting takes me way longer than crocheting, but I’m hoping to finish this one in time to crochet one too 🙂


Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 3.03.47 PM

Registration opened today, and I’m proud to say I have registered to enter a knitted scarf!


If you live in OK and knit or crochet you can join me in this cool project. Just register on the OK State Fair’s site and then select Creative Arts as the Department, Threads of Compassion as the Division, and then knitted or crocheted as the class.

It would be pretty neat to have lots of entries for Threads of Compassion in the fair this year!