She can count to 15

This morning our girl woke me up by asking me to come see her 15 Beanie Boos. She had lined them up and counted them. She was very excited to tell me there are 15.
So, while it’s nice to see she can accurately count 15 items, it is also a bit embarrassing or overwhelming that she has so many! And, she would love to have more. 

These are the one item she always asks for, it’s like she has a built-in sensor and knows where to find them in each shopping venue. She spies them at Hobby Lobby, the Science Museum gift shop, the grocery store, the gas station, airport gift shops, and more. These things are EVERYWHERE, just asking to be added to her collection. 

Several months ago we had a proud moment when she was willing to give one away when we were gathering up items for kiddos living in a shelter. Her choice of one of these precious ones was a sweet act of caring for the unknown kiddo in a tough situation. 


2 thoughts on “She can count to 15

  1. Mary Beth Lutes says:

    Jess, for some that is quite a few, but for many kids it is hardly any. I have been in houses where the kids have many, many more and do not appreciate them at all. Think back to how much we had thru the years because our parents sacrificed for us. Even with 15 you are doing a great job parenting. She is a joy to be around and she obviously enjoys each of them if she is counting them up.

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