Looking for a unique gift?

photo of red gift box

As holiday giving options are popping up all around us, I have one more for you to consider. If you have someone on your list that you’d like to give a gift but they already “have everything”, how about making a donation to our Let’s Start Talking project on their behalf?

You can make a donation online and then let me know that it’s a gift for your person. I’ve got a couple of things in mind that you’d receive in return:

  • A Christmas ornament handmade by Joanna thanking you for helping us share Jesus this summer.
  • A report after the project is complete letting you know about all the cool things you made possible.
  • Satisfaction from helping some people learn about Jesus that may not otherwise hear the Good News.
  • That cool feeling that comes from finding a perfect gift! (This is one that is helpful to several people, doesn’t require any storage space or batteries, and isn’t something calorie-laden that includes guilt for eating)

So, please, join us if you can! Any amount you can give will be appreciated and get us closer to our goal.  And, yes, your donation is welcome even if it’s not a gift for someone 🙂

And, right now, LST is offering gift certificates -these are a way for your donation to increase by 10%. So, if you’re interested in giving that way, check out the info about gift certificates.


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