Snow Fun

Our girl has been hopingng to make snow angels for months. Her wish came true today!

As soon as she knew there was snow outside she wanted to go out. She suggested I get up, get dressed, brush my teeth, read my Bible, and go. After listing all my activities she said “you know, do all your steps so we can go out”.

She was so excited I decided to roll with it. Even though other activities are cancelled or at least on a weather delay we got up and got after it. Morgan even joined us as photographer, I’m sure his pictures are much better than these, but I just don’t want to wait 🙂


2 thoughts on “Snow Fun

  1. Jessica Estes says:

    Thanks! I think she knows the routine because she has to wait on it.

    She has consistently woken up by 6:30. That’s before me so she gets to hang out and wait pretty much every day.

  2. Peggy Clegg says:

    Nothing like a kid playing in the snow to bring us back to our childhood. I’m impressed that she knew your morning routine and know the importance of reading the Bible. You two are raising a great kid

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