We came home to sunflowers!

I knew when we left that they may bloom while we were gone. And they did! I love seeing them every time we come home. It makes me smile each time.

It’s so cool that a couple of seeds planted a few years ago have grown into more and more sunflowers. I know they’re a bit out of the ordinary, but I love having them at the front of our house.

(Pictured with our kiddo for a height comparison)


Flowers at lunch

Today we ate at the hotel’s restaurant for lunch and met Mario from the Amazon. He was carrying palm fronds to create flowers. 

I’d seen him or someone else doing the same thing earlier in the day on the beach but had no idea what they were doing with the palm. He didn’t have a sample of a finished one, just a stack of long flat ones that he offered to me.  

We watched him make a flower for another couple in the restaurant and decided it’d be cool to get one too. We figured it’s nice to support someone making cool things. 

So, we nodded him over and started chatting. (He had helped send away another guy selling some figures made out of some type of clay). So that earlier help plus his bit of English scored some points with us. So we said yes to a flower. It ended up pretty cool.