Finishing on Friday

These items are all “done”, but they’re not finished.

See all those strings? They all need woven into the work. That’s my least favorite part.

I’ve steadily been crocheting but not weaving in and ended up with this pile of things that are all almost finished.

Tonight I’m watching the World Series and working on finishing these things.

One is a gift to be given out tomorrow, I think I’ll work on that first 🙂

And, it’s far from finished, but we’ve made progress on our online store. You can check it out at


Helping clean!

Nana and Papa are on the way here!!

So, J is helping get the house ready for them to visit. She’s loving getting to clean her bathroom.

“This should be my job Mama” she just told me.

That works for me.

The sad star


Stamp given at cafeteria because “I have no money”

Our kindergarten wanted to eat school lunch today. So, I checked online to be sure there was still money on her lunch account. Lunch is $2.85 and she had $3.55 on her account. So, I figured all was well she didn’t need any money today for lunchtime.

She came home with the above star stamp. She says she got it in the cafeteria because “I don’t have any money.” She still received the tray lunch she wanted, but had this stamp as a conversation piece all day.

Other students asked her about it and wanted to know what it was for. She said it made her sad to tell them it was because she didn’t have any money.

There has to be a better way.

So, I wasn’t there to see what happened or what was communicated. But, I am here to see my 6 year old crying about this whole scenario. And, that makes me kinda mad. I checked ahead of time to be sure she had enough to cover her lunch. So, I don’t understand why this happened. I haven’t received any prior notification telling me that she’d be given a stamp based on any sort of balance.

And, to make it all worse, she didn’t even eat the lunch. The menu said “Burger” it was a actually a cheeseburger so the bread she doesn’t like was stuck to the melted cheese, which was stuck to the burger and she didn’t like it. So, we’re here at home with her asking for snack after snack since she didn’t eat the lunch that resulted in the sad star stamp 😦

Auto Lessons Today

We learned a few things about our cars today.

1. The trunk staying open overnight drains the battery in the Saturn.

2. The Prius battery isn’t designed to jump start another car.

3. AAA membership is still a good idea. (Brandon the technician arrived less than 30 minutes after I called). And, Brandon had super-long jumper cables that plugged into the front of his truck and reached all the way to the Saturn’s battery.

Supply List

Our kiddo wants to make a space ship.

She created this supply list for me, complete with illustrations so that I can get her materials ready.

Marker box, big box, tape, scissors, pillows, long yarn.

It makes me wish she was still home all day so we’d have time to make it.

Of all the parts…

I’m not quite sure what to think about the fact that Joanna’s current favorite part of her new Lego puppy day care is the pooper scooper and poop.

Previous sets have come with a white piece that is bubbles and a yellow one that she calls berries, and then this one that is brown 🙂

It’s pretty cool to see her create things and then take them apart to make something else. Lego has proven to be a great family gift!