Enjoying a playground

We spent the night in The Shrine Hotel at the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows. We’ve stayed here several times before when traveling between Oklahoma and Indiana.

Our early riser was ready to go at 6, but waited somewhat patiently till 8 to go play after breakfast. She and I played while Morgan finished walking up and showering.

It’s a really neat playground. She loved starting the day with some play time.

It’s not a fancy hotel, but the price is good, people are friendly, and there’s a big, neat playground.

Also, from November 17 – December 31 this year they have the Way of Lights. It’s a really cool Christmas light display that includes showing the story of Jesus’ birth. Being able to drive through it was a highlight of the trip. It makes staying here totally worth it.

Morgan and I had been here before and were surprised to find the lights. It was cool to surprise Joanna with them this year. She enjoyed them as much as we hoped she would.


Amazing scent?

We just stopped at Rib Crib to pick up some dinner. Morgan ran in to pick up our order. As we were leaving the parking lot Joanna asked “what is that amazing scent?”

Meat, dear girl, that scent is meat.

The bag contained pulled pork, sausage, and brisket. I will admit I agree, it does smell quite good.

This was one of those “we must be doing something right” moments.