Finishing on Friday

These items are all “done”, but they’re not finished.

See all those strings? They all need woven into the work. That’s my least favorite part.

I’ve steadily been crocheting but not weaving in and ended up with this pile of things that are all almost finished.

Tonight I’m watching the World Series and working on finishing these things.

One is a gift to be given out tomorrow, I think I’ll work on that first 🙂

And, it’s far from finished, but we’ve made progress on our online store. You can check it out at


Threads made it into a newspaper!

Chances are if you know much about me you know that I like to crochet and that I’ve been making scarves for Threads of Compassion. An article was just published about our work! You can check it out and learn more about what I’m doing as well as see some of the ladies that have been joining me in this cool work.

When my friend Chellie asked me about doing a story on us for the Christian Chronicle I had no idea what to expect. I think she did an awesome job! It’s so cool to see our group in action, as well as get a bit of perspective from Karla at the YWCA. She really did a great job showing some about the scope of our work.

If you knit or crochet (or want to learn) and live near Edmond, please join us! We always enjoy having more people at our meetings.

Cheesy Christmas movies and crochet

It’s a perfect night for watching cheesy Christmas movies and finishing crochet projects for the Sonshine School craft fair.

Joanna’s finally asleep, so I’m on movie #2, first was “12 Dates of Christmas” and now it’s “Christmas with the Kranks”. Quality movie watching going on here 🙂 

Yay Netflix! I can have a month-long Christmas movie adventure.

I’ve made several scarves, dishcloths, and coffee cozies that need to be finished. since there are just a few days till the sale I decided I better finish these up before making any new ones. 

If you happen to be in the market for crocheted items I’d be glad to let you have first pick of the items before the sale, just let me know. 

Fair fun with Threads

This year, for the first time,  Threads of Compassion OKC  scarf donations were included as a category in the Oklahoma State Fair. It took 3 of us working together with the fair officials to get all the information in on time, but we did it!


It was so cool to see our work on display at the fair last week. Reading the tags on the 36 scarves displayed and realizing that I didn’t know most of them was really neat, too. That showed that by being listed in the fair program more people heard about Threads. What a cool way to spread awareness about it.

This was the first time I entered anything in a fair since I was a kiddo participating in 4-H. Way back when some of my family and I went to a day camp in the summer that included making stuff to enter in the fair. The only thing I can remember seeing displayed is some cookies we made one year. As I remember it, my cousin’s bag of cookies had turned to a mostly liquid form by the time we saw it, not a pretty sight.

And, I’ll admit, seeing a ribbon on my knitted scarf was kind of amazing, it was the first scarf I’d knitted and I really didn’t expect it to be worthy of an award, I just did it because I could and I wasn’t sure we’d have many submissions so I figured the more I could do the better.

So, while the reason for the scarves continues to be heartbreaking, the fun of working with others to offer support continues to be an encouragement. I’m hopeful that we can do this again next year, and that someday the violence will end and we’ll have to find another charity to donate to because Threads won’t be needed anymore. Until then, we’d love to have you join us if you can.


Pokémon Go Crochet

img_20160914_083717I saw a post on Facebook about crocheted Pokémon Go creatures and decided to check it out. Combining crochet and Pokémon seemed like a great idea. It ended up being another really fun project to do, with the kiddo checking it out all along the way.

The Pokéball was an obvious first choice -it seemed easy enough to do, and it would be fun to toss to each other once complete. Oh, and when I told my husband I was thinking about it he suggested that our girl would be throwing it at her stuffed animals and at us to “catch” – he was right. Then, poliwag won the next spot because it’s such a cute little creature. And, the pattern seemed manageable, except for the black on the tummy, I had to pull Morgan into the project and have him dust off his not used in a long time cross stitch skills. He did it.

This article does a great job of summing up the information I saw that got me interested in making them. I don’t love the work, so I don’t see making extras to leave around pokéstops anytime soon, but I think that’s a really cool idea.

I used a free pattern from Nichole’s Nerdy Knots on Ravelry. I really appreciate her making the patterns available for free!

Started my scarf for the fair


Awhile back I wrote about the opportunity to enter scarves in the Oklahoma State Fair for Threads of Compassion.

Though most of my needlecraft experience is with crocheting, I decided to give knitting a try for this project. Each contestant can enter a knitted and a crocheted scarf so I’m trying to do both.

Knitting takes me way longer than crocheting, but I’m hoping to finish this one in time to crochet one too 🙂


Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 3.03.47 PM

Registration opened today, and I’m proud to say I have registered to enter a knitted scarf!


If you live in OK and knit or crochet you can join me in this cool project. Just register on the OK State Fair’s site and then select Creative Arts as the Department, Threads of Compassion as the Division, and then knitted or crocheted as the class.

It would be pretty neat to have lots of entries for Threads of Compassion in the fair this year!


It was fun to surprise my girl

At WordCamp US 2015 our daughter fell in love with Wapuu! She especially enjoyed the coins designed by Marktime media and distributed by GoDaddy.

So, when I saw a tweet about a crochet pattern for Wapuu I decided it was time to give crocheting amugurumi a try. You can read the article about the pattern too.

And, here’s the post from the creator. It’s fun to hear her version of how the pattern came about.

It’s so cool that the person who created the pattern made it available free for others to use. Not surprising, because that totally fits the WordPress community mentality, but cool in this time of lots of paid patterns available.

Doing something new with crochet was fun, and seeing her excitement as I finished the various parts was awesome. I was going to make it all a total surprise, but left it on the couch and she saw the pattern and figured out what I was making. After that she kept asking how each part was coming. It was fun to watch my progress together.

I have seen lots of pictures of amugurumi before, but just hadn’t ventured into giving it a try myself yet. Amugurumi is a knitted or crocheted stuffed toy.  While not perfect I think it turned out pretty well for a first effort. As time allows I may try some more animals or more Wapuus, we’ll see 🙂

You can see lots more pictures of Wapuu online.

Crocheting for the fair

I have a new thing to be excited about! I’m planning to enter a scarf in the Oklahoma State Fair Creative Arts Competition. This is the first year that exhibitors can submit a scarf to be donated to Threads of Compassion OKC.

I get to make a scarf for Threads, have it displayed at the fair, bring home a ribbon, and have the scarf donated at the end. So cool!!

Now, the tough part is deciding what to make. I can register online starting July 1st and then drop off the scarf September 10th and 11th. So, I have plenty of time, and too many ideas of fun colors and patterns.

I have vague memories of entering items in a fair when I was a kiddo. I’m guessing it was the county fair, but it could have been the state fair. As I recall it was cookies I made at 4-H camp down the street from my Grandma’s house. I believe I got some type of ribbon (which is probably still in my Dad’s garage with all the other stuff I should have sorted out by now). I’m pretty excited about working on this new submission and picking up a long-time tradition of submitting things to the fair.

You can also see the post I wrote about this over at the Threads blog 🙂

If you’re living in Oklahoma and can knit or crochet I hope you’ll join me.

He likes it!


I was excited to finish up this blanket last week and get it in the mail. It made it to its destination and the recipient called today to say “I love it”. Here’s hoping he enjoys it for many years to come 🙂

Crocheted Christmas Ornaments


One of Great-Grandma Agnes’ creations

Christmas ornament making has history in my family. My great-grandmother made beautiful ornaments for years. Though I remember several things about her, one my clearer memories is her sitting in her living room with a TV tray table in front of her full of pins and sequins that she was using to craft an ornament. One of my most-prized ornaments on our Christmas tree is this one that she made and I received from my family when my grandparents’ Christmas decorations were being divided up among the family after they passed away.

Perhaps somewhat following in her footsteps I began making ornaments a few years ago. Though I love the intricate beauty in great-grandma’s ornaments the ones I make seem much simpler. Or, they at least require fewer pieces to create. In spite of that they inspire some of the same feelings of appreciation for loving work that hers have throughout the years.

IMG_20151221_193210996I’ve made several versions of crocheted snowflakes, but this one has become my go-to, a favorite in several colors. I printed the pattern from Caron yarn’s website a few years ago and can’t find it online now. The first year I made them in a variety of colors for friends and this year used a yarn that has a bit of sparkle in it, which was a favorite for my daughter. Though there are lots of snowflake patterns around, I really have enjoyed using this one.


This candy cane was a new pattern for me this year. It turned out pretty cute, but a bit large. I started another one using crochet thread instead of yarn, but working with the thread took a lot more concentration than using the yarn and I decided it just wasn’t worth my time 🙂 You can find this pattern on Yarnspiration’s site. So far I’ve made just the one for our tree in traditional red and white. I thought about making some for gifts but would like them to be a bit smaller.





And, then there is this one… a basket with yarn. It seemed like a fun addition to our tree since it represents my creative work with yarn. Like everything else it could be customized with any color of yarn in the basket, I just used some that was readily available from other projects. The pattern is available free from Red Heart yarn.



It’s been fun making these and sharing some of them with friends. I look forward to continuing great-grandma’s legacy of adding some handmade beauty to Christmas and look forward to passing on the tradition to my sweet girl as she grows. She’s already been busy making her own ornaments to share using foam and stickers. Seeing her joy in creating was a highlight to the season this year. We’ll be packing up the tree soon and likely won’t think about the ornaments for months. But, next year when it’s time to decorate again brining them out will be a fun reminder of family love and the joy that creating can bring.