Thankful for our village!

Last Thursday we decided to host 2 exchange students. We’d seen a friend sharing on Facebook that more families were needed and decided that if we moved Morgan’s office out the back room and into the front room/dining room/library it could work. The girls could have his office – since it’s actually a bedroom for the month.

Of course, we didn’t have a bed, let alone space for 2 to sleep! The guests will be middle school girls from South Korea. They arrive today. Yep, we decided on Thursday to host 2 girls arriving on Tuesday 🙂 They’re scheduled to stay about a month.

So, here’s where our village came in… a Facebook request for beds worked! We got a trundle frame and mattress from a friend. Conversations with other friends resulted in another frame, mattress, sheets, comforters, and a vehicle to pick them up in. Yep, a minivan to use – one that is brand new to the friend who loaned it!

So, we’re almost off to UCO to pick up the first girl and are looking forward to meeting both of them and learning a lot in the next month.