The sad star


Stamp given at cafeteria because “I have no money”

Our kindergarten wanted to eat school lunch today. So, I checked online to be sure there was still money on her lunch account. Lunch is $2.85 and she had $3.55 on her account. So, I figured all was well she didn’t need any money today for lunchtime.

She came home with the above star stamp. She says she got it in the cafeteria because “I don’t have any money.” She still received the tray lunch she wanted, but had this stamp as a conversation piece all day.

Other students asked her about it and wanted to know what it was for. She said it made her sad to tell them it was because she didn’t have any money.

There has to be a better way.

So, I wasn’t there to see what happened or what was communicated. But, I am here to see my 6 year old crying about this whole scenario. And, that makes me kinda mad. I checked ahead of time to be sure she had enough to cover her lunch. So, I don’t understand why this happened. I haven’t received any prior notification telling me that she’d be given a stamp based on any sort of balance.

And, to make it all worse, she didn’t even eat the lunch. The menu said “Burger” it was a actually a cheeseburger so the bread she doesn’t like was stuck to the melted cheese, which was stuck to the burger and she didn’t like it. So, we’re here at home with her asking for snack after snack since she didn’t eat the lunch that resulted in the sad star stamp 😦


We found a gluten free boxed mac and cheese we like!

This one is the winner! The one adjustment​ was that we used 2 tablespoons of milk instead of 3. And, we all 3 liked it. 

With several of the others the kiddo is the only one really enjoying it, when she asks for more I just give her whatever is in my plate because I don’t really want it. Not when this one, I ate my serving and got her seconds from the pan. Yay!

Excited about growth

See all that green? Good things seem to be happening out here!

We have had varying levels of “success” each summer with our garden. So far this year is looking good. There are even lots of green beans on that plant (hmm, that made me realize I don’t know how to know when they’re ready to pick – guess it’s time for some research)

In addition to enjoying the yummy food, I love that the garden is a family project. My dad helped shop and plant the plants, Joanna got to plant a few things and she prayed over it all, asking God to bless us with lots of good stuff to share. Morgan gets to help with the watering. And we all enjoy the produce!

Here’s hoping the weather and pests cooperate and the plants yield lots of good stuff to share. 


It’s so cool to see our kiddo excited about breakfast. These are the 2 eggs she picked this morning. 

She loves looking at all the choices and then telling me why she picked the one she did. 

Today it was all about the beauty. She selected these “because they were beautiful!”

I’m so thankful for our friends that share these eggs. We really appreciate it. Thank you!!

They’re yummy too 😋

container of cookies

Gluten free cookie success

A friend stopped by recently with a bag of gluten free flour. While that may not seem life-changing to you, for us it was a big deal. This flour is designed to use instead of regular white flour without adding anything special. That’s a big deal because I’d been reading recipes that including mixing a couple different kinds of flour and xantham gum together to get “flour” to use in gluten free baking. Besides seeming like a lot of work, I don’t even know where to buy xantham gum 😦 This bag does all the mixing and you just use it instead. Yay.

Our first attempt was my traditional chocolate chip cookie, following the long-tested and approved Toll House recipe. These were ok, but still different. They had a hint of that gluten free grittiness we’ve found in baked goods. So, it was like eating a long-time favorite that just wasn’t quite right.

Our second attempt turned out to be more enjoyable. We made Pioneer Woman’s Monster Cookies. These turned out great! Going into it I thought it may be successful since there was a smaller amount of flour in relation to the other ingredients. Adding oatmeal and crispy rice cereal seemed to help out with the texture issue. We followed the recipe as written with the addition of a handful of butterscotch chips and white chocolate chips. The end result is YUMMY! This one is a winner!

The flour is available several places, my friend found it at Sam’s. But, if you’d like to skip going out in the cold, it’s available at Amazon too.

Working with Daddy

Our girl is pretty excited to be learning our holiday traditions, and this is one of the best. Making chocolate fudge with Daddy. 

We have a divide and conquer strategy with holiday treats. I do the baking and Morgan does the fudge. It works out quite well. 

The temperature finally dropped here today so we’re celebrating with gluten-free chocolate chip cookies and fudge. Yum!

I love that Morgan finds ways for J to be involved. She’s totally enjoying getting to help him. 

Potato Soup Success

Tonight’s dinner was a success! Not only did all 3 of us like it, but it tasted really good to Morgan. He’s had a rough food day due to having to avoid gluten, so having something that was satisfying for him was awesome.

It seemed blog-worthy so that I can find the recipe again :). Here it is. I followed it pretty close, except I left out the cilantro, had only 1/4 pound bacon (instead of a pound), used half and half instead of cream, and used gluten free multipurpose flour. Wow, that doesn’t sound so close after all.

In any case, we all enjoyed it, maybe you will too.

Heat and chocolate don’t really mix well

Tonight after J went to bed I opened up our fancy bag of chocolate popcorn for a fun snack while we watched a couple shows on Netflix. And, I was surprised.

Do you see all the melted chocolate on the bag? That’s supposed to be on the popcorn.

Yep, I ordered it to be shipped to Oklahoma in August, it should have crossed my mind that it may not make it to us in great shape. But, they sold it. What a reminder that the extra shipping charge and packaging that See’s adds for warm weather shipping is totally a good idea.

So, if you’re thinking of ordering something that could melt, you may wanna wait if it’s still summer, learn from my experience 🙂

Chick-fil-A is our favorite!

After 2 weeks out of town we knew we’d be visiting our favorite CFA sometime last week. Originally we planned to go on Thursday when they were hosting a fundraising night for Lilyfield -we’d be helping give a little cash to a good organization and getting some yummy food.

But, Tuesday we saw a Facebook post about it being Family Fun Night and getting to plant a flower. That was one of our favorite visits last year, we enjoyed the flower all summer. So, we switched up our plans and went Tuesday. It was great!

J had a wonderful time with the activity. She was able to decorate the pot, choose a flower, plant it and visit with her friends (the CFA employees while doing it).


It’s hard to describe how good it felt to walk in and have several employees smile at us, greet us by name, and ask about our trip. It really makes Edmond feel like home to have these relationships. One friend (employee) even took time to listen to our recent gluten situation and share a bit about her own experience and gave us some tips about what to order at CFA -so cool!

As it ended up I was there Thursday as well, volunteering with Lilyfield. It was fun – I was able to greet people, refill drinks, and I even got a tour of the kitchen. We knew J would be jealous, so we just told her I was volunteering with Lilyfield, but never filled her in on what exactly that meant. Someday she’ll be big enough to do all that too 🙂

We love Chick-fil-A, and this store in particular has been quite a blessing to us. When we visit we get fresh food, healthy choices, and fun conversation. It is like feeding our spirits as well as our bodies each time we go.

Gluten free pasta take one

Tonight’s dinner plan was spaghetti. Homemade meat sauce and new gluten free spaghetti to be exact. In an attempt to reduce clean up time and effort I decided we’d all 3 have the gluten free spaghetti rather than just making enough of it for Morgan and something else for me and J.

This brown rice spaghetti was only a success with our pasta-loving four-year-old. Of course that girl hasn’t yet met a noodle she didn’t like 🙂 

The other two of us, however just couldn’t do it. I guess the fact I don’t really like brown rice should have been a clue that I may not be a fan.

This rotini ended up being a winner for Morgan. I was glad we had something that works and tastes good for him. I tasted it, and could have eaten it too, but had made our regular spaghetti for me.

So, instead of one pasta pan, I ended up with three to wash tonight. 

And, now we know…brown rice spaghetti is out and 4 grain rotini is in. What an adventure this gluten free thing is 🙂