Sphero Maze Challenge

After enjoying the beginning computers and coding class at the Microsoft store, we ventured to the Apple Store for Kids Hour: Sphero Maze Challenge.

This one was extra special because Daddy got to join us!

It was pretty neat. Each student used an ipad to create a program for their Sphero to follow to get through a maze taped on the floor.

Each block of instructions included heading, speed, and time. So, she had to think about which direction she wanted it to go, how fast it should travel, and how long it should keep moving that way. Those were great things for her to learn to think about and plan the path for her Sphero to move.

The employee did a great job answering questions and then walking through the program with the kids, then set them free to work on it themselves while he checked on them.

Joanna loved working on it with Morgan! Her favorite portion of the maze was the little chunk where she decided her Sphero should go “turtle speed” and set the speed to 2 -it was really slow, but she loved it.

They have more classes coming up that look pretty interesting, I think we’ll be back!

If you’re looking for the same one we went to, it’s on June 23rd here in OKC.



Excited about Tupperware

IMG_20180612_172942916.jpgWe spilled about half a box of this spaghetti earlier this year. The design of the box doesn’t include a way to close it, so we picked it up upside down and spaghetti went all over the floor. So, I’m really excited about my new Tupperware container that will not only keep it fresh, but also keep it from spilling all over the floor!

I purchased this container at a party my friend had recently. There were so many other things in the catalog that I wanted that I decided to go ahead and host a party. Crazy, huh? We have so many toys/books/and other random clutter to handle before Thursday it’s a bit out of control.

The other item I was really intrigued by is their MicroPro Grill. You put food in it in the microwave and it comes out tasting like it was grilled. I was really skeptical, but it was good! I’m looking forward to the fajitas that are on our menu for this Thursday night.

If you’re here in Edmond, feel free to join us Thursday night at 6:30. If you can’t come and are interested in seeing about ordering something, let me know and I’ll get the link for you 🙂

Best part of the day

I am so thankful I get to witness these moments!

We’re reading “Missy Piggle Wiggle and the Won’t Walk the Dog Cure”.

It’s book 2 in the series and tonight’s section has Joanna giggling quite frequently.

All 3 of us look forward to getting to read Missy each night, and it’s disappointing when we run out of time and don’t get to read it.

It’s pretty cool to see how much Joanna remembers from the previous reading. There are times she knows more than I do about what has already happened to the characters 🙂

Supply List

Our kiddo wants to make a space ship.

She created this supply list for me, complete with illustrations so that I can get her materials ready.

Marker box, big box, tape, scissors, pillows, long yarn.

It makes me wish she was still home all day so we’d have time to make it.

Of all the parts…

I’m not quite sure what to think about the fact that Joanna’s current favorite part of her new Lego puppy day care is the pooper scooper and poop.

Previous sets have come with a white piece that is bubbles and a yellow one that she calls berries, and then this one that is brown 🙂

It’s pretty cool to see her create things and then take them apart to make something else. Lego has proven to be a great family gift!

Flowers at lunch

Today we ate at the hotel’s restaurant for lunch and met Mario from the Amazon. He was carrying palm fronds to create flowers. 

I’d seen him or someone else doing the same thing earlier in the day on the beach but had no idea what they were doing with the palm. He didn’t have a sample of a finished one, just a stack of long flat ones that he offered to me.  

We watched him make a flower for another couple in the restaurant and decided it’d be cool to get one too. We figured it’s nice to support someone making cool things. 

So, we nodded him over and started chatting. (He had helped send away another guy selling some figures made out of some type of clay). So that earlier help plus his bit of English scored some points with us. So we said yes to a flower. It ended up pretty cool.

We love these pens!

(Joanna wanted to make sure that you know her picture isn’t finished yet, it’s the one with the candle. Mine isn’t done yet, either)

We bought some gel pens to take to our FriendsCamp in Natal, Brazil and we’re testing them out to make sure they work. These pens are AWESOME!

There are 108 different ones. Some even have glitter in them -glitter that makes your coloring shiny but doesn’t get all over the place. Amazing! And, the neon ones are super bright, like catch your eye across the room bright. We are really enjoying working with them.

I think we’re about to buy another set so that we have one for us to keep. Or, I may just wait till Joanna’s birthday. But, that’s a couple months away yet so we’ll see 🙂

Here’s a picture of the pens in case you want some too (or in case you want to send Joanna a set).

If you click on the picture it will take you to the Amazon link so you can take a look for yourself.


Snow Fun

Our girl has been hopingng to make snow angels for months. Her wish came true today!

As soon as she knew there was snow outside she wanted to go out. She suggested I get up, get dressed, brush my teeth, read my Bible, and go. After listing all my activities she said “you know, do all your steps so we can go out”.

She was so excited I decided to roll with it. Even though other activities are cancelled or at least on a weather delay we got up and got after it. Morgan even joined us as photographer, I’m sure his pictures are much better than these, but I just don’t want to wait 🙂

Rainbow dog

At Joanna’s request we came to Chick-fil-A for breakfast today. She loves it here because the staff is so friendly and “they make the bestest burritos!!!”

It’s nice to get a break from cooking and cleaning, and to eat something different than we make at home.

And, after we finish our food we can enjoy some drink refills, coloring and phone time 🙂

Today she colored a rainbow dog and snowflakes complete with a drawing of her walking the dog. 

Her 1st basketball game

We made it to our first basketball game today. 

Before today we’d been to 2 practices and missed 2 practices and 2 games (both games were on the Saturday we were in Indy), so our girl is a bit behind her teammates. Not only is this her first year to play, she’s only made it to 2 of their 6 gatherings prior to today. 

She was excited to be there, but unsure what to do. It was tough for this Hoosier to watch my girl lost on the court! 

During a break I asked if she knew what to do out there. She said no. That pretty much summed it up.

I’m hopeful that a few more practices will make a big difference at this stage 🙂