Flowers at lunch

Today we ate at the hotel’s restaurant for lunch and met Mario from the Amazon. He was carrying palm fronds to create flowers. 

I’d seen him or someone else doing the same thing earlier in the day on the beach but had no idea what they were doing with the palm. He didn’t have a sample of a finished one, just a stack of long flat ones that he offered to me.  

We watched him make a flower for another couple in the restaurant and decided it’d be cool to get one too. We figured it’s nice to support someone making cool things. 

So, we nodded him over and started chatting. (He had helped send away another guy selling some figures made out of some type of clay). So that earlier help plus his bit of English scored some points with us. So we said yes to a flower. It ended up pretty cool.

We love these pens!

(Joanna wanted to make sure that you know her picture isn’t finished yet, it’s the one with the candle. Mine isn’t done yet, either)

We bought some gel pens to take to our FriendsCamp in Natal, Brazil and we’re testing them out to make sure they work. These pens are AWESOME!

There are 108 different ones. Some even have glitter in them -glitter that makes your coloring shiny but doesn’t get all over the place. Amazing! And, the neon ones are super bright, like catch your eye across the room bright. We are really enjoying working with them.

I think we’re about to buy another set so that we have one for us to keep. Or, I may just wait till Joanna’s birthday. But, that’s a couple months away yet so we’ll see ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s a picture of the pens in case you want some too (or in case you want to send Joanna a set).

If you click on the picture it will take you to the Amazon link so you can take a look for yourself.


Snow Fun

Our girl has been hopingng to make snow angels for months. Her wish came true today!

As soon as she knew there was snow outside she wanted to go out. She suggested I get up, get dressed, brush my teeth, read my Bible, and go. After listing all my activities she said “you know, do all your steps so we can go out”.

She was so excited I decided to roll with it. Even though other activities are cancelled or at least on a weather delay we got up and got after it. Morgan even joined us as photographer, I’m sure his pictures are much better than these, but I just don’t want to wait ๐Ÿ™‚

Rainbow dog

At Joanna’s request we came to Chick-fil-A for breakfast today. She loves it here because the staff is so friendly and “they make the bestest burritos!!!”

It’s nice to get a break from cooking and cleaning, and to eat something different than we make at home.

And, after we finish our food we can enjoy some drink refills, coloring and phone time ๐Ÿ™‚

Today she colored a rainbow dog and snowflakes complete with a drawing of her walking the dog. 

Her 1st basketball game

We made it to our first basketball game today. 

Before today we’d been to 2 practices and missed 2 practices and 2 games (both games were on the Saturday we were in Indy), so our girl is a bit behind her teammates. Not only is this her first year to play, she’s only made it to 2 of their 6 gatherings prior to today. 

She was excited to be there, but unsure what to do. It was tough for this Hoosier to watch my girl lost on the court! 

During a break I asked if she knew what to do out there. She said no. That pretty much summed it up.

I’m hopeful that a few more practices will make a big difference at this stage ๐Ÿ™‚

She can count to 15

This morning our girl woke me up by asking me to come see her 15 Beanie Boos. She had lined them up and counted them. She was very excited to tell me there are 15.
So, while it’s nice to see she can accurately count 15 items, it is also a bit embarrassing or overwhelming that she has so many! And, she would love to have more. 

These are the one item she always asks for, it’s like she has a built-in sensor and knows where to find them in each shopping venue. She spies them at Hobby Lobby, the Science Museum gift shop, the grocery store, the gas station, airport gift shops, and more. These things are EVERYWHERE, just asking to be added to her collection. 

Several months ago we had a proud moment when she was willing to give one away when we were gathering up items for kiddos living in a shelter. Her choice of one of these precious ones was a sweet act of caring for the unknown kiddo in a tough situation. 

Hanging in at her 7th WordCamp

It’s not even noon and we’ve resorted to “how about you watch a video while I listen to this talk” 

Morgan’s in the developer track soaking up some good stuff while we’re learning about blogging and community stuff. So fun to divide and check out our individual areas of interest. 

J’s been doing a decent job, but was getting a bit squirrelly so I pulled out the tablet, thankful we’d downloaded a couple videos already. 

She loves shopping for swag from the sponsors and meeting new friends but then needs a break. 

It’s so cool that the WordPress community can be a family thing for us.

A not so lazy morning

We’ve introduced our girl to the Wii Fit and she loves it! 

This morning she asked to do the running game before school instead of watch a show.

As she was running today and slightly out of breath, she said “this is good exercise for my body” 

She is enjoying getting to the finish line and seeing her character not throw a fit at the end as she improves. 

Birthday fun

“I love building Lego with you”

That’s what J just said while helping Morgan build his new Lego creation. 

“This is a great teamwork together Daddy”

I love watching my almost 5 year old build with her daddy. So much is happening as they play together.

 She’s learning about following instructions, making things match, and connecting Lego together. He’s getting to practice patience ๐Ÿ™‚ And, she’s learning about Doctor Who as they discuss the pieces.

She asked if she was adding guns to the structure and was almost surprised to find they’re bars that provide energy to the TARDIS. Morgan explained that the doctor doesn’t like to use guns, he finds ways to solve problems with other solutions. She soaked that in and said “oh, like Doc McStuffins”. So, her Doctor Who education has begun and she’s connecting it to other things she knows.

Yay for new Lego and for family building time.