Excited about growth

See all that green? Good things seem to be happening out here!

We have had varying levels of “success” each summer with our garden. So far this year is looking good. There are even lots of green beans on that plant (hmm, that made me realize I don’t know how to know when they’re ready to pick – guess it’s time for some research)

In addition to enjoying the yummy food, I love that the garden is a family project. My dad helped shop and plant the plants, Joanna got to plant a few things and she prayed over it all, asking God to bless us with lots of good stuff to share. Morgan gets to help with the watering. And we all enjoy the produce!

Here’s hoping the weather and pests cooperate and the plants yield lots of good stuff to share. 


We got it planted!




My helper and I got the garden planted before vacation. She had a great time this year helping get it cleared out and digging holes for the plants.

Some of the plants are probably a bit too close together, but I let her help out quite a bit and just went with it. Maybe next year we’ll put more effort into deciding exactly where the plants should go.

We are hopeful for the harvest, looking forward to having lots of tomatoes, squash, and peppers to share.

While I don’t really enjoy the work of gardening, I do enjoy the harvest and the family time we get working together on it (especially when that time happens early before the heat takes over).