Threads of Compassion OKC, LuLa Roe Kari Littlejohn, and the OKC YWCA are all working together this month

Last fall I was introduced to LuLa Roe clothing when a friend in Texas started selling it. I purchased a fun pair of leggings and shirt to see what it was all about. I was totally surprised by how comfortable the leggings are. My kiddo was too, she kept wanting to feel them 🙂

Then in February this year a friend who lives just around the corner started her own LuLa Roe business. Shortly after that she shared that she wanted to use her business to give back to the community in some way. So we talked about maybe doing something during April for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. She visited with staff at the YWCA and came up with a great plan!

This month we can purchase a pair of leggings and then purchase a 2nd pair at a discount to be donated. The donated ones will be delivered to the YWCA to be distributed to survivors.

So, if you’ve been thinking about checking out what all the excitement is about, maybe this could be a good time for you. Not only can you get yourself a pair, but you can make one available to someone who could really be blessed by it.

You can shop for leggings online. This “shop” is open until the end of April.


Blessings from Facebook and Friends

This afternoon before we headed out to the park I shared a post on Facebook:

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 7.53.24 PM

That’s the 4 bushes on the side of our house. They’ve been there since we moved in and we haven’t really touched them. Well, except for the one year that we raked leaves out from under them to use as mulch/nutrition for our garden. And, this summer they’ve just gotten big enough that I wanted them managed.

Within a few hours a friend posted that she texted me. It ends up she had left an electric trimmer on our porch! And, another neighbor brought an extension cord over when I asked if we could borrow one.

Morgan got to manage the electric trimmer while Joanna and I picked up the trimmings. It looks WAY better now!


This is one of the things I love about Facebook -the ability to share with others. What a blessing to ask for help and get it! I didn’t want to buy a tool that we’ll just use occasionally, for right now it made way more sense to try to borrow one. And, it worked -a friend saw it and offered help. In this case, not only did she offer, but she delivered. So cool!

Let’s buy some sheets!

Today I took a tour of YWCA Oklahoma City’s new shelter. It is a great facility! They’ve done a beautiful job with the paint and decorations. There are common areas for visiting and comfortable bedrooms.

I saw the kitchen, dining room, laundry room, library room, counseling areas, living rooms, clinic, and more. There’s even a beautiful playground outside for kiddos to enjoy.

As overwhelming as it can be to think about the fact that we have a need for such a facility, I’m glad to see that the YWCA has done an outstanding job with this one. They are preparing to be able to assist women and children in imminent danger who need a safe place to stay.

They are planning to open soon and we can help with some finishing touches! Still needed are bedding and towels. They’ve created a registry at Target that you can use to purchase what they need. There’s even free shipping if you spend at least $25, so all it takes is a few minutes selecting something from the list and you can help make sure the first residents have comfy bedding to enjoy. If you would rather shop in person and need help with delivery, just let me know, Joanna and I would be glad to drop off your donation.

In case you’re wondering if they really need sheets, towels, and pillows, I asked how close they were to having the items on the registry and was told that there is still a big need for them. Though the main things are in place and the beds are there these items that we all enjoy each night are still needed so that the ladies and children who will call the shelter home for a while will have a comfy place to sleep. I hope you’ll join me if you can and donate something to this effort.


It was so neat to watch Joanna choose clothes to give away today.
Inspired by a tweet from Infant Crisis Services I decided to get together some things to donate. They were looking for socks and we had tons that J had outgrown! They also needed clothes for kids up to size 5. She’s currently wearing 3s, so it made sense to go through her closet and pull out some things to share. She did great!

I told her after her nap that we were going to choose some clothes to give to kids who needed more clothes and she said “ok, let’s check it out”. She eagerly opened her closet and pulled out several dresses, saying “give”. Then we pulled down all her shorts and she picked up each pair and placed them in the keep or give pile. I was proud to see both piles growing, not just the keep one. She also had some shirts we was willing to part with. She seemed to understand that she was giving them away and that someone else would be able to use them.

She was excited to hop into her car seat and head out to drop off the clothes. They make it easy to donate -there is a drive-up door with a bell. Once I was there a guy came out with a bin and helped load the stuff into it. Then we stepped right inside to get my information so they could email me a receipt. It was all very quick and easy. Joanna was in the car with it running and the door open while we unloaded the stuff. As I was about to step a bit away from the car she changed from smiling and waving at us to having a concerned look and saying “get me out!” Of course I honored her request and she came in too. She kept looking around for the kids that would get the clothes, but otherwise seemed to enjoy the whole thing.

I’m hoping that she continues to get joy from sharing with others and that we can continue this task, or similar ones for a long time to come.