Microwave CAKE!


As she enjoyed her cake tonight Joanna exclaimed “I love microwave cake!”

Yes, we made a bundt cake in the microwave and it turned out great!

Less than 10 minutes, gluten free from a box, with a good texture, you’d never guess it was gluten free or cooked in the microwave.

Somehow I’ve become a Tupperware fan in the last couple of weeks.

The Stack Cooker can be used for lots of things, but so far I’ve only tasted cake made in it. Based on the cake I told Morgan I thought it’d be cool to have one. As I shared my wish list of items with him, he expressed that maybe an easy way to makes cakes isn’t the most healthy option for us right now. And, while that may be true, it was super yummy and convenient!

So, if you’re looking for an easy way to make desert, or brown ground meat, bake casseroles or potatoes, you can shop for your own stack cooker online 🙂





We found a gluten free boxed mac and cheese we like!

This one is the winner! The one adjustment​ was that we used 2 tablespoons of milk instead of 3. And, we all 3 liked it. 

With several of the others the kiddo is the only one really enjoying it, when she asks for more I just give her whatever is in my plate because I don’t really want it. Not when this one, I ate my serving and got her seconds from the pan. Yay!

container of cookies

Gluten free cookie success

A friend stopped by recently with a bag of gluten free flour. While that may not seem life-changing to you, for us it was a big deal. This flour is designed to use instead of regular white flour without adding anything special. That’s a big deal because I’d been reading recipes that including mixing a couple different kinds of flour and xantham gum together to get “flour” to use in gluten free baking. Besides seeming like a lot of work, I don’t even know where to buy xantham gum 😦 This bag does all the mixing and you just use it instead. Yay.

Our first attempt was my traditional chocolate chip cookie, following the long-tested and approved Toll House recipe. These were ok, but still different. They had a hint of that gluten free grittiness we’ve found in baked goods. So, it was like eating a long-time favorite that just wasn’t quite right.

Our second attempt turned out to be more enjoyable. We made Pioneer Woman’s Monster Cookies. These turned out great! Going into it I thought it may be successful since there was a smaller amount of flour in relation to the other ingredients. Adding oatmeal and crispy rice cereal seemed to help out with the texture issue. We followed the recipe as written with the addition of a handful of butterscotch chips and white chocolate chips. The end result is YUMMY! This one is a winner!

The flour is available several places, my friend found it at Sam’s. But, if you’d like to skip going out in the cold, it’s available at Amazon too.

Potato Soup Success

Tonight’s dinner was a success! Not only did all 3 of us like it, but it tasted really good to Morgan. He’s had a rough food day due to having to avoid gluten, so having something that was satisfying for him was awesome.

It seemed blog-worthy so that I can find the recipe again :). Here it is. I followed it pretty close, except I left out the cilantro, had only 1/4 pound bacon (instead of a pound), used half and half instead of cream, and used gluten free multipurpose flour. Wow, that doesn’t sound so close after all.

In any case, we all enjoyed it, maybe you will too.