He’s home!

We’re glad Morgan was able to attend WordCamp US, but we’re even more glad he made it back home.

Joanna knew that a plush Wapuu was part of his swag and asked to sleep with it tonight. She’s excited to snuggle Wapuu just slightly less than she is excited to snuggle Daddy.

Yay for sweet reunions!


Hanging in at her 7th WordCamp

It’s not even noon and we’ve resorted to “how about you watch a video while I listen to this talk” 

Morgan’s in the developer track soaking up some good stuff while we’re learning about blogging and community stuff. So fun to divide and check out our individual areas of interest. 

J’s been doing a decent job, but was getting a bit squirrelly so I pulled out the tablet, thankful we’d downloaded a couple videos already. 

She loves shopping for swag from the sponsors and meeting new friends but then needs a break. 

It’s so cool that the WordPress community can be a family thing for us.

Frank Corso: Tips On How To Handle Your Accounting and Taxes

One more subtitling success story!

After a week or 2 of slowly working on subtitles for this video I uploaded them last night. One of the awesome WPTV volunteers did the background magic that makes them appear with the video already. Pretty cool, huh?

I selected this video to work on for a couple of reasons:

  1. It was only 23 minutes long. Creating the subtitles takes watching the video at least 3 times, so once you add in time to start and stop to type what’s being said, I’m looking at investing 4-6 times the length of the video to get it all done.
  2. With Morgan’s current employment we need to know about accounting and taxes. So, hearing about someone else’s experience and learning what worked for them was appealing.

It’s been about 2 years since my first subtitling effort and I’m still enjoying it! I love being able to contribute to the WordPress project. Doing the subtitles lets me keep learning, both about the material being presented in the video as well as using the software to create them, and learning about the workflow of the TV team. And,  using “Press This” to share about my experience has let me learn some about how that tool works. Fun stuff.

I think working on subtitles with the WPTV team is a great way for anyone to be involved.:

  • You get to work at your own speed, there’s not a deadline for finishing.
  • You get to choose which video to do, so you can learn something new, listen to a friend, watch one you wish you could have seen live, or use whatever other criteria you have for choosing.
  • It doesn’t require any special knowledge. If you can type (in the language used by the presenter) you can do it. There are great step-by-step instructions available with screen shots that show you what to do.
  • You’re making something that could really be helpful to someone, whether listening to and hearing the video is difficult for them, or the language in the video is easier for them to read and understand than hear and understand. By creating the subtitles you’re making the material available to a wider audience.
  • When it’s all done you can see your work!

So, if you’ve been looking for a new fun project, I’d like to encourage you to give this a try. It’s been good for me! Let me know how it goes if you jump in 🙂

What we’ve been doing lately

WordCamp OKC planning sums up our answer to “what have you been up to lately?” I say it’s our answer instead of my answer because it’s been a great joint project for Morgan and me and because J gets to hear a lot about it. Between communicating with our organizing team, creating/scheduling posts, thinking about which topics would be the best fit, and just obsessing about lots of details that probably aren’t even really mine to obsess about it has taken over 🙂

I knew it would be a good learning experience, and that has been true. I’ve learned not just about WordPress, but about working with a team of essentially strangers, and a lot about myself.

In the land of WordPress learning: I can now schedule posts and tweets to happen later -so I can set up a whole series at one time but release them at the appropriate times, cool, huh? I experimented with “edit” and “quick edit” and found they’re useful for different things. I also figured out that posts go on the front page and trigger an email to people subscribed to the site while pages don’t do that. So, if we want people to know a page exists it’s helpful to make a post about it, too. I know, for more experienced WordPressers, all those details probably feel a bit like the ABC’s, but to me it’s been good to get a real understanding of how it works. And, I know when the slack chats about events happen each day.

Often in the afternoon when J wakes up and wants to play I’m finding myself saying “let me finish this thing then I’m all yours” She’s doing a great job being patient with that. It may help that she has loved her experiences at previous WordCamps (stickers, friendly people, and Wapuu are pretty attractive to her). And, though it is sometimes tough I’m really trying to finish that one message and close up the laptop till later. It’s good for her to know we’re working on things, but also good to know that we’re here for her, too. Practicing balance in that will likely be a lifelong priority.

It’s scheduled for just over a month from now, July 30th. Tonight we released our list of speakers. They’re a good group. I’m proud of the quality of our lineup and look forward to hearing each of them next month. And, if for some reason I’m working on something else and miss a session or two, they’ll be posted on wordpress.tv later and I can see them there. You can too 🙂

Yay for Contributor Day!

I spent much of Sunday at the Contributor Day that was part of WordCamp US. It was great!

There were 3 big rooms full of people working on a variety of WordPress things. It was so cool to hear people meeting each other and sharing their experiences with the project and asking/answering questions of each other.

I was there to work on subtitling videos on WordPress.tv and see about helping others do that too. I’m glad to say it was successful!

I met some helpful new people and was able to share my experience a bit with a few who hadn’t worked on subtitles before. It’s exciting to be part of such a cool thing.

Several hours into it I decided to start working on a new video and see if I could finish one during the day. If I’d been able to stay until the end instead of bailing a tad early to deal with a fussy four-year-old I would have been able to do it. Instead I finished it up in the hotel that night.

I ended up really enjoying the video I selected. It’s from WordCamp Finland 2015. I had a list of ones that are under 15 minutes and I asked Morgan to help me find one that wouldn’t be too technical, so he picked “Why You Should Publish a Plugin on WordPress.org” by Otto Kekäläinen. He does a great job explaining some benefits of publishing your plugins on WordPress.org. For anyone who writes plugins and doesn’t publish them there, it’d be worth a listen, he has some great reasons why you should.

I finished it and submitted before bed. By the end of the next day the subtitles had been added. Now you can watch his video with English subtitles available. So cool!

So, besides my personal success in subtitling a video, I enjoyed seeing others working on subtitles too. There were at least three others who started their first one and two others I saw working on various ones in languages besides English.

In addition to the work happening it was really neat to see so many people visiting with each other and sharing their experiences. The WordPress community really is a fun, friendly, helpful group of people. I’m glad that I’ve been able to see it firsthand and hope that you’ll think about joining in. There are opportunities for people of all skill levels and interests. Check out the info about WordPress and find a way to join in the fun!

We made it to Philly!

J snow in Philly

The first half of our Thanksgiving/WordCamp US adventure has been great. We enjoyed some good time with family in Indy and made our 2 day journey from there to Philly Monday and Tuesday, arriving late last night. Now we’re ready for the WordCamp part of the adventure.

Yep, two days to travel from Indy – Philly. Having a 4 year-old along for the journey makes for lots of fun stops. I lost count last night how many times we stopped for potty breaks, but it was a lot!

Morgan’s off to the Community Summit today so Dad and Joanna and I enjoyed swimming and venturing out for lunch. We had some yummy sandwiches at Comcast Center and even caught part of a neat Christmas show in there too.

If you’re wondering about Morgan’s role here at WordCamp, check out this post from 10up to see a bit about Morgan and his co-workers who are speaking here this week.

I’m looking forward to a few more days of exploring the city with Dad and Joanna and then enjoying WordCamp with Morgan while Dad and Joanna get some grandpa/granddaughter time. And, when we’re all done here it will be great to get back home 🙂

A little info can go a long way

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 6.40.51 AM

While acknowledging it may be too early to rejoice, since I’m still at home in Edmond and not at my dad’s in Indiana, it seems like we’re off to a good start for our coming trip.

We are scheduled to begin an exciting journey today. First Indiana for Thanksgiving and then Philadelphia for WordCamp US.

With so much time away from home I’m a bit more anxious than usual prior to traveling and decided to check on our flight one more time late last night. Our connecting city was Chicago. They’re currently having a winter storm and flying through there isn’t looking like a good option at the moment.

The website said that travelers with destinations on the list of affected cities could change with no fee as long as their original departure and destination cities remained the same. It seemed like I should see about changing. Since I had bought our original ticket through AAA and not American I couldn’t make the change myself online.

So, I called American Airlines and discovered that yes, since our flight went through a city on their list we could switch for no fee. We rebooked through DFW for just a few hours later than our original flight, still on the same day.

Hopefully this is a win all around. A bit more time to finish getting ready this morning and not trying to go through a city having weather troubles. Though we could have probably been rebooked at the airport, that would have meant an extra hour and half in the airport early in the morning with a kiddo. Being home with her is much less stressful than hanging out with her for extra time in the airport.

What a change from my first days of traveling, back before cell phones, the Internet, and easy access to flight information from anywhere! I already had an alternate flight through DFW in mind when I called the reservation line, I knew that seats were available and the timing looking good. Back in the day, we just called an 800 number and hoped that the person on the other end would check things out and find us a way to get where we wanted to go. That worked, but this way seemed much smoother.