Twinkle Star

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star has been Joanna’s favorite for a long time. I caught a bit of her singing it last night.

She was enjoying looking at the stars in her daddy’s arms and just broke out in song.


I won a Visine Morning Makeover!


Fun notification that I won!

I won a prize! The Oklahoma City Moms Blog partnered with Visine to offer a morning makeover. For three weeks last month, participants could share a comment about what would make their morning more efficient and 5 people won each week.

I didn’t enter the first week because I just wasn’t sure what would make a “good” entry. But, then I saw that people I knew had won and their comments weren’t long, detailed ones. That was enough to make me decide to enter, I did, and was one of the week 3 winners!

My prize is a service from Gold Plated. They’ll be coming to our house later this month to prepare 3 meals: dinner, breakfast, and lunch for us. I’m looking forward to the break on meal prep and to learning more about their cool service.

In addition to the meal prize, I also received some Visine too!