Lego Cinderella’s closet

Every princess needs a closet for her dresses, right?

I will admit it was a bit disturbing at first to see a growing pile of Lego princess faces. But, in the end I think this turned out pretty cute.

I love watching our kiddo create things! It’s so cool to see her have an idea and then make it come to life in some neat way.


Of all the parts…

I’m not quite sure what to think about the fact that Joanna’s current favorite part of her new Lego puppy day care is the pooper scooper and poop.

Previous sets have come with a white piece that is bubbles and a yellow one that she calls berries, and then this one that is brown 🙂

It’s pretty cool to see her create things and then take them apart to make something else. Lego has proven to be a great family gift!

The Lego baby sings

We are really enjoying our Lego advent calendar. Just three days in and this is now a favorite part of the holiday season. 

Today’s Lego was a microphone and speaker (probably to go with the firefighter rocker we put together yesterday).

Not long after it was assembled, our girl built a firetruck for the mini figure that included a baby in a crib space. This was so the baby could go to work with her mama.

Next the baby was standing on top of the snowman and singing away on the stage. Hope you enjoy her song 🙂 

Birthday fun

“I love building Lego with you”

That’s what J just said while helping Morgan build his new Lego creation. 

“This is a great teamwork together Daddy”

I love watching my almost 5 year old build with her daddy. So much is happening as they play together.

 She’s learning about following instructions, making things match, and connecting Lego together. He’s getting to practice patience 🙂 And, she’s learning about Doctor Who as they discuss the pieces.

She asked if she was adding guns to the structure and was almost surprised to find they’re bars that provide energy to the TARDIS. Morgan explained that the doctor doesn’t like to use guns, he finds ways to solve problems with other solutions. She soaked that in and said “oh, like Doc McStuffins”. So, her Doctor Who education has begun and she’s connecting it to other things she knows.

Yay for new Lego and for family building time.