Yes I’ll play

As soon as J was up and in our room she asked “Daddy will you play farm with me in my room?” He said yes!

She had a spot all cleared and her farm toys (plus an octopus) out and ready to go when he made it in to her room.

It’s so cool that he can take time to play with her in the morning when she’s at her best.

Our girl is definitely an early riser who is at her best early in the day. That is opposite of her dad. But sometimes he is able to say yes to her early requests and the two of them have a good time.

I fee like this playtime is one of the benefits of his current remote work situation. Instead of driving somewhere, that time can become family time. What a blessing, especially with a young one at home 🙂


Still loving Chick-fil-A

Our Chick-fil-A has a new story time on Monday mornings. It’s great!

We buy a yummy breakfast and then I get a break while J enjoys a story and craft.

It’s almost like free babysitting.

Today they read 2 stories and then got to paint. Dedra their employee does a great job interacting with the little ones.

We are enjoying getting to know the staff here and participate in the activities they provide.