LST and Me

We have a long history with the Let’s Start Talking ministry. As a student at Pepperdine I heard about LST and was immediately interested in participating. It took me a couple of years to actually go, as I spent my summers back in Indy working to help pay for school. But, finally one year I decided to jump in and go, and wow am I glad I did. From 1996 until 2009 I was able to go every summer except one, and Morgan was able to join me starting in 2004. What a blessing those trips have been!

Working for LST even inspired a couple of moves. I moved from California to Edmond, OK following college to work in the office. Then, when the office moved to Richland Hills, TX I made that move as well. Those were good years, I loved being part of so many people getting to go do good work, and I had great co-workers!

Then, this year in September we were able to attend a dinner celebration that LST hosted to honor Mark and Sherrylee Woodward’s years of service as well as welcome Scott Lambert as the new director. Being at that dinner was so cool. I saw friends that spanned 20 years, and just felt right at home. It was a “these are my people” feeling.

As we listened to Scott talk about their Year of Jubilee plan it hit Morgan and me that this could be our year to go again. We looked at each other and just knew it is time to go again.

So, we are excited to be preparing to be a part of a FriendsCamp team this summer. A FriendsCamp is basically a weekend retreat at the end of a six-week reading project. The camp team does all the behind-the-scenes stuff to make it possible so that the local church members and those who’ve been reading with the LST team can come enjoy the event. At FriendsCamp we spend time playing fun games, sharing meals, hanging out, and having small group discussion groups about questions Jesus asked. It’s so cool to see what can happen when we get away from our normal lives and spend time out at a beautiful place.

And, yes, we’ll be taking Joanna with us! FriendsCamp is a great way for a family to serve. She’ll be able to join in most of the activities, and during discussion time we’ll have some activities for kiddos that she’ll be able to enjoy.

Just like everyone else doing a Let’s Start Talking project, we’re raising money to make this work possible. We hope you’ll consider joining us by making a donation. If you would prefer to mail a check than donate online, please let me know, I’ll send an envelope your way that can be used to mail it to the office. In addition to the financial need, please join us in praying for the work, and if you happen to be able to get away for a bit this summer, we’d love to have you as part of team in that way as well!