More Chick-fil-A fun!








The princess breakfast is just another reason we love our Chick-fil-A. 

What a fun morning! Recognizing the staff and being called by name makes it even better.

J saw princess Elsa and could tell it was her friend Rebecca who did story time in the spring. She had a great time talking to her again.


Good morning!


J has a good time enjoying the cooler weather today and drawing.

Let’s buy some sheets!

Today I took a tour of YWCA Oklahoma City’s new shelter. It is a great facility! They’ve done a beautiful job with the paint and decorations. There are common areas for visiting and comfortable bedrooms.

I saw the kitchen, dining room, laundry room, library room, counseling areas, living rooms, clinic, and more. There’s even a beautiful playground outside for kiddos to enjoy.

As overwhelming as it can be to think about the fact that we have a need for such a facility, I’m glad to see that the YWCA has done an outstanding job with this one. They are preparing to be able to assist women and children in imminent danger who need a safe place to stay.

They are planning to open soon and we can help with some finishing touches! Still needed are bedding and towels. They’ve created a registry at Target that you can use to purchase what they need. There’s even free shipping if you spend at least $25, so all it takes is a few minutes selecting something from the list and you can help make sure the first residents have comfy bedding to enjoy. If you would rather shop in person and need help with delivery, just let me know, Joanna and I would be glad to drop off your donation.

In case you’re wondering if they really need sheets, towels, and pillows, I asked how close they were to having the items on the registry and was told that there is still a big need for them. Though the main things are in place and the beds are there these items that we all enjoy each night are still needed so that the ladies and children who will call the shelter home for a while will have a comfy place to sleep. I hope you’ll join me if you can and donate something to this effort.

Like mother, like daughter – flowers

Have you ever caught yourself doing something and realize it’s something your parent would do?  I have, and its pretty funny when it happens.

Well, today in Ireland I realized that Joanna’s love for flowers may come from me…

She stops to look at and smell almost every flower we pass. We’ve seen it as a cute little behavior in her. Driving around a curvy Irish road today I caught myself taking yet another picture of flowers.

We’ve been here just 3 days and I have lots of pictures of flowers. I just keep noticing then everywhere and trying to capture their beauty.

On that curvy road it hit me that maybe her flower-loving behavior comes from me 🙂

I’m using more than one camera, so here is a tiny sample for now.

In Glendalough

It’s still a bit unbelievable that I’m actually in Ireland with my dad!

We first talked about doing this over 20 years ago, and its happening! 

This is the 2 of us at St. Kevin’s monastery earlier today. Fun times.